DFW Beauty EXPO - Promotional Tips

Never be the company that reserved a booth and then sat back and expected it all to happen.

Exhibitors who pre-promote have greater success than those who don’t. Point - blank.

You must engage your clients, patients, fans, readers and more, prior to any marketing event. Let them know about any special offers, products being sold, giveaways, contests, and more. You can even track and measure success, by offering a specific code to attendees.

About 3 out of 4 visitors decide which exhibitors are on their ‘must-see’ list before they EVER arrive.

Are you on that list?

Expo flyers and, banners, and social media badges can be used in existing mailings of:

  • Invoices/statements
  • Company newsletters & e-blasts
  • Social Media
  • Sales kits
  • Include details in your email tags
  • Include event details on your web home page
  • Put a message on your telephone hold system
  • Mailout – postcard
  • Advertisements in magazines, newspapers, radio, television
  • Billboards and banners
  • Coupons for show-specials (redeemable at booths only)
  • USBs

Be sure to contact your clients at least 5 times before the event with different messages, this will guarantee a great turnout for you and your brand. Need to download or share our banners? CLICK HERE.