DFW Beauty Chat: Is This Mic On?

The Hustle. Team No Sleep. Social Media. Grinding. All apart of the busy lives of entrepreneurs. Often times, we forget about ourselves when we're trying to pour everything we have into our business(s). Sometimes, we have to slow down and focus on what’s important; our health, beauty and well-being.

Below are the self-care routines of 7 local diverse Dallas creatives/entrepreneurs.

Have a read DFW Beauties, and be sure to slow down and treat yo' self!


Cara D's of MillennialLov3

I don't like to call it a routine, because I switch it up often!  So, self care for me is a strategy, and depending on what I need that week, it may include a few different tricks.  Nonetheless, here are 5 things that I do most consistently for self care:

  • Reading. Generally, I make time in my week to read at least a 3-4 hours.  Whether its self-help books or autobiographies (my favorite!), I squeeze time in for leisure reading to take my mind off the demands of the week.
  • BUBBLE BATHS!!!!!!!  Ok, its probably not that serious but I L O V E bubble baths.  Give me a glass of red wine and some candles, and I've created my own spa oasis.  And the best part?  Its totally free and relaxes your spirit.  I sleep better those nights, allowing me to start the next day refreshed and ready to go.
  • Writing. Yes, I write ALL day for my job and the podcast, but I also love writing in my journal and writing short stories and poems. It's almost like an escape from the real world.  
  • Sleeping in.  Please don't ask me to do anything on Saturday mornings because Saturdays are my sleep in days. I usually don't leave the bed until noon, giving my body some extra oomph to start my Saturday strong! 
  • Catching up with family & friends. Although I have amazing friends in Dallas, most of my tenured friends and all of my family live out of state.  Making time each week to talk or Facetime them centers me and helps me to remember just how AMAZING my circle is. It definitely helps me to keep going and going and going to make them proud!

Eryn Shields of Style Sew Me

Self-care is the key to my sanity! While I don't indulge in spa treatments and such as often as I'd like, I found that my self-care goes beyond luxurious treats.

I take care of my physical health by exercising 3 times per week, drinking lots of water, and limiting meat and dairy in my diet. I find this combination helps me sleep better, wake up in a state of clarity, keep my skin youthful, and feel less weighed down and groggy throughout the day.

I take care of my emotional health by engaging with and nurturing relationships around me that are positive, loving, and encouraging. Even with my hectic schedule, my husband and daughter are priority number 1. They are my center and I am intentional about not being so wrapped up in business that I miss moments with them.

I also exercise my power of saying no. I am very clear on my goals and say no to things that don't fit on the path to my dreams. Limiting distractions helps keep me clear, focused, purposeful, and intentional.

Kian Hervey of 40 Magazine

Most of what I do for Forty Magazine, like editing, writing, and designing content, is tied to a computer screen. When I need to recharge, I have to step away from the computer screen and completely unplug. I grab brunch with friends, get a manicure or pedicure, or binge watch a new TV series, anything to take my mind off the many duties associated with being an entrepreneur. Self care is important for any young professional trying to build their dream career.

Ki Ki J of Get N Tha Game Podcast

My self-care routine consists of being physically active, whether it be the gym, a Zumba class or walking around the metroplex I always try my best to be active.  I also get some me-time in while getting my nails or hair done, taking a drive or doing a little retail therapy, being an only child, I LOVE my me-time. And finally I spend time with my family, they keep me grounded and when I'm with my family I'm focused on them and being present, in my opinion there is nothing better than those moments.

Kristin McIntyre of The Fad Firm

My self- care routine is pretty simple, nothing too complex or fancy with the exception of 1 item.

  • Every morning I exfoliate using Neutrogena's Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. I freak out when I get pimples so I try to be proactive, the more I age the more my skin easily scars.
  • After exfoliation I apply Lanoline Manuka Honey Skin Renew Firming Creme to smooth out my problem areas. My double chin is getting out of control, I highly recommend this product as I've seen good results thus far.
  • I have a combination skin type, so during the summer months I apply Peter Thomas Roth's Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel to my t-zone area. This is a true gem, I don't wear makeup unless an occasion calls for it and this product creates the illusion that I'm wearing light coverage on my face from day to night.
  • At night, after my shower I give myself a facial using Peter Thomas Roth's 24k Gold Mask. My skin is absolutely radiant after every use, like it's better than real gold but not the Ferrero Rocher's wrapped in gold foil.
  • In the morning before work, I apply Olay Quench Summer Luminous Minerals Body Lotion and before bed I apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. This combination keeps my body smooth and soft even during the winter season.  
  • Drink water, it's cheaper than all of the above. I suck at it, but I'm trying to do better, it tastes more appealing after eating a chocolate (refer to number 4).

Brittany Giles of Fit X Brit

  • I start each day listening to my favorite gospel mix on spotify so that I can pray, meditate, recite my daily mantras and affirmations  before the noise from the rest of the day tries to take ove
  • I write 5 things that I am grateful for daily so that I can attempt to shift my focus at the end of the day away from the things that may have now went right and focus on the things that did.
  • So, while I am all about staying on the grind - and wishing there were more than 24 hours in the day - my sleep is something I am no longer willing to compromise. Not only can lack of sleep affect you externally but it can also affect your overall health too.
  • TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF. It’s really easy to continue to pour so much into other people and forget about yourself in the process. So, stop it - ok?

Laci McKinney

My self care routine changes based on my need.

  • Exercise. I try to exercise 4 days a week doing camp gladiator, TRX or yoga. All depends on what my body needs.  Sometimes I make it happen with my busy schedule.
  • Healthy eating. I try to follow the rule of thumb to make the majority of your meals healthy even though I may give in from time to time.
  • I am a big advocate for removing makeup before bed. I wash daily with PURPOSE soap and moisturizing is a must, I use a moisturizer by the PURPOSE brand.  
  • Drinking water.I don’t seem to care for juices and soda anymore. The majority of my meals are washed down with H2O. I also love Kombucha (Probiotic).
  • Mental/ emotional health is a big deal to me, especially with a busy schedule from working 9 to 5 and running my business The People’s Voice PR Agency. To balance the busy schedule I make time for my 2 boys (baseball is the game!), networking and hanging with friends.

Laci McKinney is the founder of The People’s Voice PR Agency, as an uber networking and a passion for seeing everyone around her shine; she has brought together Cara D, Eryn Shields, KiKi J, Brittany Giles, and Kristin McIntyre along with a host of other creatives/entrepreneurs together to celebrate their unique voices with the “Is This Mic On Campaign” which kicks off August 2017.

The “Is This Mic On Campaign” is the anniversary campaign of The People’s Voice PR Agency and is celebrating the creatives/entrepreneurs behind the brands. “IS THIS MIC ON” Campaign is the push/driving force behind assisting entrepreneurs/creatives with taking ownership of their voices and letting the world know why it is important.

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