DFW Beauty Guide: Are You Culturally Stressed?

How Cultural Stress is Affecting You, Plus Expert Tips to Eliminate It

In light of April being National Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about today’s biggest stress culprit: Cultural Stress, or the stress of modern living. In our current cultural climate, we’re so accustomed to working long hours, sitting in traffic and being constantly connected on our devices instead of connecting face-to-face, the negative impacts of these modern day stressors often fly under the radar.

According to expert researcher and Murad skincare founder, Dr. Howard Murad, Cultural Stress is affecting our health and happiness in profound ways. According to a recent Murad survey on Cultural Stress, the thought of being WITHOUT our devices is enough to stress us out:

Phone FOMO: Almost half of respondents (47%), including 64% of Millennials and 60% of parents, agree that they don’t fully enjoy themselves in situations when they don’t have their device with them

Device Dependence: 30% of Americans can’t go longer than 30 minutes without checking their device before they start to feel anxious and stressed. The percentage is even higher among Millennials (43%) and parents (42%)

Something is Brewing: 68% of Americans, including 80% of Millennials, believe it would be worse to go without a cell phone or tablet for a month than coffee

Dr. Murad, who recently started the EyesUp campaign to end digital dependency, the solution to Cultural Stress is simple: human connection. He has multiple tips for your readers to help them combat Cultural Stress and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Tips for Combatting Cultural Stress, Dr. Murad

More about cultural stress, here: [LINK].

Adjust your commute – Instead of being glued to your screen, make friendly eye contact or compliment a stranger

Connect in the workplace – Rather than sending emails, pop over and talk to the person next you instead

Get out for your takeout – Skip ordering food on Seamless and go out to get your food instead

No Netflix & Chill – Go out and catch a movie with friends or stay in and have a game night with loved ones

Bring a friend – Use the weekend to share your passions with friends whether it’s your favorite hiking spot, a new workout class or something you’ve always wanted to try

Sunday Fun Day – Live in the moment and share how amazing your meal was with those around you rather than your followers   

Pen & Paper Day – Dedicate one day a week to only using a notebook and pen to take notes at work. Give your phone and laptop a rest – out of sight, out of mind

Boycott Amazon – Remember the days you had to go out to the store to buy something? Get out for some fresh air and pick up your groceries or head to the mall

Real Life Alexa – Instead of relying on Alexa or Siri, think of who might know the answer to your question before counting on technology. Even if they don’t, it’s always nice to catch up!

Ditch the dating apps – Forget swiping left or right, consider asking someone you’ve had your eye on out to coffee or drinks