DFW Beauty Pick: Lily Trotters

Lily Trotters - CANDY STRIPES: Stripe Tease!

PRICE: $48.00

So many colors...which one matches your style?

About Lily Trotters

The inspiration for Lily Trotters came to our founder Susan in 2011 during a 17.5-hour airplane ride to Africa for a vacation with her BFF and their daughters. Wearing compression socks for the entire flight, she soon discovered how something as simple as great socks could provide comfort and ease cramping often accompanied with long journeys.

When Susan returned home, she was determined to find compression socks that were effective, yet beautiful and fun. Much to her dismay, they did not exist…so Susan embarked on an arduous but rewarding journey to produce the first ever high-performance designer line of compression socks, specifically sourced and made in the USA. Lily Trotters was born!