DFW Beauty Guide: Why Water is SO Important for Dental Health

Oral health is important for maintaining a white and attractive smile. Apart from brushing and flossing, drinking water is essential for your oral health. Many people associate water with driving away body toxins and maintaining a healthy weight, but it also has many oral benefits. The following are some of the main benefits of drinking water for dental health.

Prevents Staining

Some foods and drinks are capable of staining your teeth. Foods like berries, candy, deep-colored sauces and drinks such as coffee can stain your teeth. If you allow these foods or drinks to remain in your teeth for long, they are capable of staining your teeth. Many experts instruct patients to drink lots of water after eating these foods and drinks. Swishing water in your mouth several times will be helpful in flushing away the staining elements of these foods or drinks.

Flushes Away Sugars and Acids

Sugary and acidic foods have a negative effect on your teeth because they lead to tooth decay. When acids in foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits accumulate in your teeth, they begin to break down your tooth enamel. Sugary foods attract the bacteria in your mouth, which feeds on the sugars resulting in the production of lactic acid. If lactic acid remains in your mouth for a long time, it begins to wear down the enamel. Although drinking water is no substitute for brushing your teeth regularly, it helps flush away sugars and acids in your mouth and provides no chance for harmful substances to destroy your teeth.

Fresh Breath

Anaerobic bacteria are produced in a dry mouth. A dry mouth is the reason many people have “morning breath” when they first wake up; because when they are asleep, they produce little saliva which causes their mouth to be dry in the morning. When you keep your mouth moist through drinking water, you eliminate the dry environment that attracts bacteria. In addition, drinking water after every meal gets rid of leftover debris and leaves the bacteria with little to feed on.

Fluoride in Water

Teeth benefit largely from fluoride in water. Fluoridation of tap water is regulated by the government to help prevent people from suffering from tooth decay. The practice of fluoridation of water was established in the U.S. during the 1970s and ever since other countries have joined the bandwagon. The fact that fluoride in water prevents tooth decay, is the reason the U.S. Center for Disease Control listed the fluoridation of water as one of the health achievements made in the 20th century.

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