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Stephi Maron is the definition of a "Beauty Boss", she founded the first Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge in West Hollywood in 2011, and has been on a mission to bring beauty across the nation, ever since.

Her company, which offers professional make-up application services starting at $20, among other things, currently employs about 100 people — and the business is still growing. DFW Beauty Guide got a chance to catch up with the beauty maven, see below for more!

Name & Age:

Stephanie Maron, 27

Professional Title:

Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Blushington

Tell us about your brand.

My Name is Stephi Maron and from the age of 3 I have loved and worn makeup. Seeking confidence in myself, I tried and tried different looks. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it did not. Some of you reading this can probably share similar stories of excitement and disappointment where blush was too bright or makeup applications at the mall made you feel anything but pretty. Over the years these experiences stayed with me.

I created Blushington with the help of my family; a fun, safe, pretty place to discover makeup, to have an expert application that would make you feel pretty in a space where friends and family can come together to beautify while building memories. It took over 12 months to find the right space, the right products and the right team. The mission was to create the prettiest place to get pretty with the kindest and most expert artists. On December 10, 2011, the first Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge opened in West Hollywood, CA where “Feeling Pretty is Priceless”.

Fast forward to 2016. Blushington has expanded to Dallas (December 2012), New York City (August 2015) Topanga, CA (September, 2015) and plans to open a second NYC location on the Upper East Side (November 2016).

What are some of your personal beauty regimens and tips?

I always start my morning routine with Beauty RX toner first. I love using Toner vs washing my face in the morning. The toner helps to take away my morning oils that built up throughout the night, soothe, and clean to then apply Beauty RX sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands. 

DFW Beauty Guide - Blushington

Describe your brand in the 3 words.

Feeling Pretty is Priceless. 

What makes Blushington Makeup Lounge stand out from other beauty brands?

Blushington is the first and ONLY national brand bringing affordable luxury makeup services to everyday women in a service first environment. Our artists listen to their customer needs leaving each client feeling like they’ve been heard and looking like themselves but a bit more enhanced. Blushington has developed a distinctive and proprietary consumer experience offering very niche best in class brands. 

Can you tell us some hurdles and obstacles you've gone through in starting a beauty business?

I think one of the biggest obstacles in starting any business is dealing with personnel. You have to constantly make sure you are maintaining a great and fun culture throughout each store and each team member you onboard. We now have over 100 employees and you have to make sure you attend to each employee and make them feel special and most importantly appreciated. 

Tell us about the Blushington woman.

Blushington appeals to all women of all ages. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, with a sweet spot catering to professional and non-professional women in their early twenties to mid-forties. These women are coming into Blushington for the everyday natural glam going to their office meetings, to Girls Night out, to Date night with their significant other. They are coming to us because we help find their pretty everyday, we help boost women’s confidence through makeup, the natural way. 

What do you love most about the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? Why did you choose to launch a lounge here?

We have a great relationship with the Texas franchise owners as well as with the Drybar owners and they had mentioned to us there was a space right next door to them in the Highland Park area. My dad and I jumped on a plane right after, did our homework and soon realized Texas women love their hair and makeup. We do very well in this location. 

What's on the horizon for your brand?

We have some really exciting initiatives coming out for fall. One of them includes an unlimited monthly membership launching in November. We are also re-launching our sold out lipstick called B.Lovely along with our 2nd NYC Store opening this fall on the Upper East Side.  I can’t wait! 

Any tips for those interested in venturing into beauty entrepreneurship?

I recommend anyone interesting in venturing into any business is to really take the time to do your research and homework. Find out as much as you can about the business you’re wanting to get into, do your competitive research before you just dive into it. 

Any last words or beauty tips for our DFW Beauties? 

I know summers can be extremely hot in Dallas, so I recommend if you’re going to wear makeup that needs to last to try our airbrush makeup service. I personally use this service since I have very oily skin. We use Temptu Airbrush and it leaves the foundation looking like your skin, matte, and it lasts all day.