Meet the Expert: Hylton Lea

DFW Beauty Guide - Hylton Lea

Hylton Lea, luxury skincare guru and Le Métier de Beauté's Global Director of Skincare recently chatted with us about ALL things skincare. Hylton has great passion and knowledge of the advanced skincare science behind the Le Métier de Beauté brand. Within his exciting role, he serves as the brand’s skincare ambassador and more.

After one chat, we're convinced that he's in the right spot, his infectious personality and overall expertise in skincare on a molecular level, is quite intoxicating. See below from our recent chat...

As the Global Directory of Skincare for LmDB, what does your 9-5 consist of?

It varies everyday, I was just in Hong Kong for product development and then I'm off to London for an editor and press event.

I absolutely love my job!

I'm a firm believer in skincare first, makeup second, what areas do you recommend we focus on as we age.

In your 20's it's crucial to keep the skin clean & hydrated...

In your 30's it's ALL about hydration and eyecare...

In your 40's it's important to focus on those fine lines...

In your 50's you focus on firming skin...

We understand that LmDB has an exclusive partnership with Neiman Marcus, what do you love most about the collaboration?

I believe in Neiman Marcus. Since the beginning of our partnership is has always been a mutually beneficial collaboration. Any brand should want to do business with this high-end brand.

I bleed Neiman Marcus!

What products are on your TOP shelf?

This emollient and potent treatment is designed to restore the skin while the body is most receptive—at rest. Through a groundbreaking, proprietary delivery system, key actives are quickly transported to their designated locations to provide visible and dramatic results: an improved appearance in fine lines, wrinkles and pore size; increased hydration; enhanced radiance; and an overall more even tone. The formation of expression lines is also slowed. This is beauty sleep at its best.

Formulated to lock in optimal moisture levels into the skin while delivering hydration deep below the surface. This luxuriously rich, gentle formula is comforting, safe for sensitive skin, and restores youthful hydration to dry skin immediately. Reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expressions. 


Look like you poured a bottle of water on your skin.

Because the skin is naturally thinner, the neck and décolleté are prime targets for the premature appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation flaws. Developed with this in mind, NEW Le Métier de Beauté Resurgence Neck and Décolleté Night Firming Crème delivers clinical strength actives to target the specific needs of the neck and décolleté areas.

Never put moisturizer on your neck. It weigh it down, trust me!

What do you LOVE most about Texan women?

Ahh, I love Texan women! They are very well informed, quite savvy. I absolutely adore their confidence. 

They are looking for high-performance beauty solutions that will provide high quality results in a short amount of time. That's what we are ALL about!

What's your BEST skincare advice for our DFW Beauties?

Live life! Let us worry about your skin. We've got your back!