DFW Beauty Chat: Missy Bowie

DFW Beauty Guide - Missy Bowie - Secret Medspa

Name & Age:

Missy Bowie, 27

Professional Title: 

Laser Tech & Medical Esthetician, Manager of It's a Secret Med Spa

How did you get started in skincare?

I started out as an esthetician, but always wanted to get more in the clinical side of things, ablative and aggressive treatments have always enticed me, so I then went back to school to advance my career as a laser technician. Once I became a laser tech, I continued my education by getting trained to become a cosmetic injector. 

When it comes to great skin, what's your go-to regimen?

I feel like the holy grail to skincare is MAINTENANCE, we can do clinical treatments in office once a month but the skincare products your using twice a day is just as important. Retinols are key in the process of maintaining healthy skin production in between in office treatments. 

Why should every person come in for a VISIA scan?

VISIA scans are crucial when starting any skin care treatment plan, it allows us to see what's going on with your skin and what the naked eye can not see. It also helps track your progress. 

DFW Beauty Guide - Secret Medspa

What are some of the more popular treatments you offer at the spa?

One of our most popular treatments is the Sciton Halo laser resurfacing. It's the first ever hybrid-laser treatment that makes recovering from an ablative laser treatment easy! 

What's on your TOP shelf?

SkinMedica TNS Essiential serum

Any current spa specials going on currently?

With NTX fall right around the corner, we will be offering some laser promotions to help combat the sun-damage accumulated over summer. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe.

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

Keep up with the preventative measures, I feel women these days are starting preventative skincare early in life, and it's paying off!