Business of Beauty: Shannon McLinden

DFW Beauty Guide: Business of Beauty - Shannon McLinden - Farmhouse Fresh

Name & Age:

Shannon McLinden, 41

Professional Title:

President and Founder of FarmHouse Fresh

Tell us about your rand.

FarmHouse Fresh® of McKinney, Texas, creates natural and organic bath, body, and facial care products designed with southern vintage flair using indigenous regional ingredients harvested from U.S. farms like organic pumpkin puree, desert cactus, and Texas honey. Voted by American Spa readers as a Top 5 Favorite Body Care Line and Top 5 Favorite Natural Line, FarmHouse Fresh has products to suit nearly all tastes whether organic, vegan, gluten-free or natural. The company's retail collection is nostalgically packaged with a delightful sense of humor that hits the spot with discriminating shoppers -- winning coveted awards including Oprah’s O-List, Redbook’s MVP Beauty Awards, Elle Hotlist and more. The company’s decadent celebrational spa treatments are served at fine spas, hotels and resorts throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Middle East.

What are some of your personal beauty regimens and tips?

I wash my face every night no matter what! And use a peptide moisturizer and rich antioxidant serum (both from FarmHouse Fresh). Moisturizing at night makes such a difference to your complexion throughout the day.

What are some of your most trusted beauty brands?

I love TIZO sunscreen, it doesn’t clog pores and provides full coverage along with a matte finish that is to die for! I also love Jane Iredale’s stacked eyeshadows. I travel with this little stacked item that has like 8 colors- it’s lightweight and has everything I need.

Image Credit: Jane Iredale

Image Credit: Jane Iredale

Describe your brand in the 3 words.

Delicious, natural, local

Can you tell us some hurdles and obstacles you have gone through in starting a beauty business?

It has changed at every stage of the company. When I first started 11 years ago, I didn’t know the basics - UPC codes, batch coding, or even what was entailed in “going to market.” The building blocks are very challenging if you’re not in the industry. I met a friend name Joey at my first market who mentored me on the ins and outs of everything from shipping, hotels, displays – everything - and I couldn’t have overcome those early years without his guidance. Then as I grew, I knew I never wanted outside funding. To this day we are family owned and balancing high growth with internally generated funds can be challenging. And finally, once I gained momentum and was enjoying tremendous successes, knockoffs became a challenge. Our first to market advantage is approximately 9 months. So knowing the copycats come out of the woodwork every season, we continue to innovate and launch new products at a rapid pace.

What do you love most about the Dallas/Ft.Worth?

The Entrepreneurialism.
If you get up at 5 a.m., it’s busy out there—landscaping companies, designers, builders, florists, farmers – it’s like 7-11 is the new Starbucks. I feel companionship from dedicated, hard workers making their life’s goals happen.

What is on the horizon for your brand?

We’re in the midst of launching FarmHouse Fresh Organics. The line has been years in the making, ensuring that in every aspect from dirt to gloves to jar—we meet the strict requirements that our customers living an organic lifestyle require. This certified line is delicious as can be, and truly grown to delight! With notes of organic coconuts, pineapple, red berries and more.

Any tips for those interested in venturing into beauty entrepreneurship?

Bleed the soul of your brand.

Bring your own authentic voice, and your line will find a place among those who hear you.