DFW Beauty Pick: Savoy Sorbet

DFW Beauty Guide: Savoy Sorbet

Savoy Sorbet have been hand crafting amazingly unique sorbets since 2008. All of their flavors are all natural, gluten free and dairy free. It is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and they have perfected that at Savoy Sorbet. 

Their sorbet is still made in small batches with minimal ingredients. They don’t use GMO’s. They don’t use stabilizers. This is how they maintain the brilliance of their flavor profiles.

The frills are truly on the inside. 

Indulge in their carefully crafted sorbets today! Savoy Sorbet can be found at all Central Market Locations in Texas. In Dallas, go to Bolsa Mercado, Green Grocer, Rosemeade Market, Celebration Market, Potager's Other Stuff and Spec's.