DFW Beauty Tip: Soothe Yourself Back-to-School

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August is the time when we start to think about our kids going back to school. Don’t be surprised if moods change and anxiety starts to kick in for both you and your kids. After a summer without routines and late nights, it can be stressful to get back into the "school routine." 

Here are a few tips to help you get organized and minimize the back-to-school stress. 

Get Organized

A week or two before school starts, make lists of items you need. Often schools will post supplies lists on the school’s website. Sometimes schools also distribute supplies lists to local department stores. Try and make this fun for the kids and highlight the new exciting supplies they will get to use this year. If they’re having fun, then they won’t mind shopping. If they’re happy shopping, you’ll be less stressed. 

Get back into routines.

We all have a tendency to get a little slack during the summer, later bedtimes, eating at odd hours, so help your kids adjust by implementing their school bedtimes and mealtimes about two weeks before they actually head back to class. Want even more reassurance? Do a practice run through of what needs to be done on a typical school morning to help everyone feel comfortable with the routine.

Create a central family calendar. 

Summers have a tendency to be unscheduled, so it can be hard to get back in the swing of homework and practices and school functions when classes start back. By creating one place where all events and activities are noted, you are less likely to accidentally forget that PTA fundraiser or a teacher meeting.

Make time for each other.

It's important to have unstructured downtime (sleep and transition periods), and family time (such as family dinners and dates). While T.V., ipads, laptops, etc., can occasionally be a part of downtime, the idea is that these unstructured times are moments when the family is not plugged into technology. Which we know is hard, believe us, but try it! 

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