Meet the Expert: Joanna Czech

Joanna Czech, a gifted esthetician with a long roster of A-list clients like Cate Blanchett, Christy Turlington Burns, and Kate Winslet has brought her talent and passion to Dallas, Texas.

DFW Beauty Guide had the chance to interview the celebrity skincare expert, and we're so excited to share more about the lady behind the Victory Park luxury skincare spa, that has us all buzzing!

Name & Professional Title:

Joanna Czech, Celebrated Esthetician, Founder of Joanna Czech Dallas and Global Skincare Advisor for La Mer

What prompted you to open your spa here in the DFW?

I moved to Dallas for my husband, but my Dallas clients were the catalyst, for me opening the spa in Dallas. Plus, I adore Victory Park, I would run in the neighborhood every morning and I fell in love with the area. So when I was thinking about opening the spa, I knew it would have to be situated in Victory Park.

I'm sure our DFW Beauties would love to know what your personal beauty regimen is like?

I like to keep it simple by sticking to the skin care basics of cleanse, tone, and moisturize. My routine consists of a pared-down morning plan and doing the majority of my treatments at night. Nighttime is the most important time to hydrate because it’s your healing period — skin is able to absorb more moisture at night. Splash your face with water in the a.m., and apply a moisturizer. At night, use your cleanser and toner, then follow-up with a healthy dose of moisturizer on your face, neck, and décolleté. If you’re worried about fine lines or dullness, I suggest incorporating creams that contain vitamins A and C, which will help soothe skin and promote cell turnover. My favorites incude: ENVIRON EVENESCENCE CBOOST

Describe your brand in the 3 words.

Luxurious, Relaxing and Transformative  

What can Dallas consumers expect to experience when they come in for services?

The spa offers an essential menu of treatments that my team and I customize depending on the client’s skin condition and needs, so no two treatments are exactly the same. I put a great deal of thought into all of the details of the experience from the cappuccinos to the Brunello Cuccinelli Cashmere blankets that are draped over clients to keep them comfortable. I believe that we are very unique in our aesthetic and our approach and that clients feel that when they come in- its what keeps them coming back!

What brands do you carry in-house? Any favorites?

The Czech List—the retail space inside the spa— is an edited beauty closet of my most favorite products from my favorite lines including: Antica FarmiscistaBiologique Recherche, Circ-Cell, Environ, Jennifer Ouellette, Joanna Czech, La Mer, Malin and Goetz, Margaret DabbsMorihata, Omorovicza BudapestProtective Nourishment, Ren, Squarenimals, Tatcha and Valmont.

I am always discovering terrific new brands and products and adding them to Czech List.

The spa is gorgeous! Can you tell us a little about the design inspiration behind it?

Thank you! The 2000 sq ft space was brought to live by Dallas based design firm, Staffelbach, and its’ team of innovative designers to create a soothing, modern and luxurious experience for my clients. Muted white and gray architectural materials that have various degrees of sheen, reflective, handmade silver wall coverings and high ceilings with ambient cove lighting and accent spot lighting create dramatic illumination over the soft white gloss floors throughout the spa, which include 3 treatments rooms, a client lounge and retail space, aptly named the Czech List.

What are your TOP three tips for glowing skin?

  • A Banana a day keeps your skin glowing! Since they’re full of potassium and magnesium, bananas help regulate your digestive system, which in turn makes your skin glow. In addition to eating them as a daily snack, I love to make an at-home treatment: Mash up a banana and stir in some flax seed oil and ground oatmeal to make a paste. Slather it on your skin and let dry, then tissue it off to reveal hydrated, calm, nourished skin.
  • Take a piece of cotton gauze and dampen it with toner or mineral water, press it to the skin, lightly pulling it taut, then quickly release. This should happen in a vigorous motion, focusing on the forehead, eyes and nasal folds. I call this the sponge technique because you are expanding the skin when you press, so that when you release, your pores absorb the moisture and create a temporarily plumped and glowing effect.
  • Biologique Recherche P50 is one of my favorite products. P50 is an exfoliating toner that neutralizes the PH in your skin, and is made up of lactic acid, witch hazel, and many vitamins. It makes your skin look brighter, cleaner, and clearer, leaving you with a healthy glow. Follow with a generous application of La Mer’s Crème de la Mer mixed with a drop of La Mer’s Renewal Oil and voilà!

What do you love most about the Dallas/ Ft. Worth?

I love that Dallas is centrally located and so easy to travel in and out of. I also love the slower paced lifestyle and enjoying my big balcony that I did not have in New York! My lifestyle in general here is very, very enjoyable. 

What is on the horizon for your brand?

I want to make the spa more experiential, a destination for education, advice, great products and the best skincare and beauty services. We are in the midst of planning a series of annual events with special guests in the worlds of beauty and wellness. I want to help people be the best they can be. I am also growing the Czech List since it has been well received by my clients and the brands that I support. We are planning to expand the spa and open locations globally.

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning... Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. You are way more than enough and you are doing an amazing job at life.