Business of Beauty: The Glam App

Business of Beauty: The Glam App

Name & Background:

Cara Santana, Actress, Blogger & CEO of The Glam App

Joey Maalouf, Celebrity hair stylist, makeup artist & Creative Director of The Glam App

Tell us about your brand.

Our brand is a two-part system to provide on demand, luxury beauty experiences to every woman everywhere, while allowing stylists to have access to a virtual agency to expand their brand, grow their clientele and build a freelance career.

What are some of your personal beauty regimens and tips?

Never sleep with make up on!

What are some of your most trusted beauty brands?

Image Credit: Ardell Lashes

Image Credit: Ardell Lashes

Ardell is always a go-to for lashes, I can always count on them. Everywhere I turn, there is a drugstore or pharmacy that carries them. I've been using them for years. 

Ouai Haircare is amazing and my clients always love the way they smell!

Describe your brand in the 3 words:

Luxurious, convenient, affordable

What can consumers expect from The Glam App?

The red carpet experience of "glam" that celebrities, actress, politicians and the affluent have had for ages!

Can you tell us some hurdles and obstacles you've gone through in starting a beauty business?

I think every time you develop a brand and new platform such as ours there is the hurdle of converting consumers from what the are use to, to the evolution of where something is now. Change can be scary, but we think it's worth it.

What do you love most about the Dallas/Ft.Worth?

The women love to look good!

What's on the horizon for your brand?

Expansion in artist education, geographics, services- there is no stopping us. The possibilities are endless.

Any tips for those interested in venturing into beauty entrepreneurship?

Be patient, believe in your craft, and always approach everything with a new perspective so you can keep growing

Any words for our DFW Beauties?

Feeling beautiful nowadays is as easy as pushing a button!