DFW Beauty 101: Self-Tanning on a Budget

If you're anything like me, you would kill to have that summer vacation tan year-round, especially, in the summer. I can't stand thinking of paying that $65 price tag every-week to get that glow.

Yeah I could tan, but I'm ALL about protecting my skin and preserving my age for as long as possible. This month I tested out about four different self-tanners from the drug store, and one came out on top: the L'oreal Sublime Bronze is the best I have run across that is also budget friendly!

There are a couple of steps to take in ensuring a streak-free application, see below:


First, I always start with an heavy exfoliator, pin pointing dry areas. For me, my dry areas are my knees, elbows, and the back of my ankles. I use the Coffee Body Polish from Made Men & Co. After showering I ensure the skin is completely dry. Then apply product in a circular motion starting at the shoulders and working my way down. Some, don't prefer to apply self tanner to the face, but I find if you apply it the right way it can look very natural. I do this by taking the product and starting in the middle of the face making my way to the edges.

DFW Beauty Tip: Think about where the sun naturally hits your face—on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin...

When I am done applying the product I like to take a small amount of body butter to my dry areas. I find by adding that extra bit of moisture, it helps to prevent any product clinging to unwanted areas.

So, take take the plunge and try at home self tanning and use that extra money you save on a real vacation!

Jessica Socwell Contributor

Jessica Socwell


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