DFW Beauty Guide: Blushington + BeautyRX

DFW Beauty Guide: BeautyRX - The Peel Bar Dallas Blushington

Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge + BeautyRx Peel Bar:

Dr. Neal Schultz, BeautyRx’s Peel Bar Blushington

The peel service is simple and easy, completed in just a few minutes. First, skin is thoroughly cleansed, and then the pH-balanced and buffered glycolic peel is applied. The unique formulation of BeautyRx’s glycolic works its magic to invisibly and gently dissolve the top layer of dead, uneven skin to reveal gorgeous skin underneath. After two minutes, the peel is instantly neutralized with water, and the client is welcome to apply sunscreen and moisturizer. There’s no redness, downtime, or irritation – just glowing skin. It’s the perfect precursor to a Blushington makeup application.

DFW Beauty Guide: Blushington

Please see below for the range of services offered at Blushington locations where peels are available.

 Peel Services & Pricing:

·         Facial Peel and Full Face Makeup Application – $99

·         Facial – $50

·         Neck/Décolletage – $40

·         Hands – $10

·         BeautyRx Face Peel 6 Series (6 peels for the price of 5) – $250

·         Facial Peel Add on with Blush On The Go Full Face Makeup Application – $200

·         Facial Peel Blush On The Go – $125