DFW Beauty News: blendSMART

DFW Beauty Guide: blendSMART

The beauty industry has gone through a makeover and consumers of all ages are gravitating to products and tools that allow for experimentation and individuality. Launched in April of 2015 through a worldwide home shopping network, blendSMART is a first-of- its-kind automated rotating makeup brush system and has recently launched through Sephora.com and the upscale retailer, Stanley Korshak. While the skincare industry has consistently been an adopter of innovative technology, with automated sonic cleansing tools like the Clarisonic, blendSMART is the first to utilize it in the makeup application space.

The brush’s calibrated head spins at 190 RPM using a consistent buffing technique that provides customers with airbrush-like results. The ergonomic handle is contoured for both comfort and control and was design engineered with a self-standing base. Additionally, the handle comes with a pop-off interchangeable brush head made of premium synthetic fibers which also feature an anti-bacterial treatment. The blendSMART starter kit comes with a foundation brush head, automated handle, and long-lasting lithium battery.

“It’s wonderful to see something really new and different in beauty application.  blendSMART ‘s spinningbrush heads blend all formulations of makeup and provides a better and easier makeup tool for ourcustomers,” explains Natalie Cassel, Cosmetics Buyer with Stanley Korshak.

The product, launched in the spring of 2015 through a worldwide home shopping network, sold out in all markets including the US, UK, Italy, and Germany. blendSMART has reached over $3 million in sales since its début and was nominated as a 2015 QVC Customer Choice Beauty Award for best beauty blendSMART launched online at Sephora.com in late March, 2016 and appears to be in alignment with Sephora’s recent investment in its San Francisco based “Innovation Lab”, whose mission is developing and testing new technology for stores and e-commerce. With an enhanced product design from the home shopping network line, the new blendSMART starter kit will retail for $69.00 and additional blush and powder brush heads can be purchased separately for $26.00. For more information, please visit: www.blendsmart.com.

Available: Sephora.com /blendsmart.com/Stanley Korshak/ KIDBIZ