DFW Beauty Chat: Myra Tello


Name and Age:

Myra Tello, 29

Professional Title:

Salon Owner, Professional Hairstylist & Makeup Artist, Ombre Guru

Tell us how you started your career in beauty.

My career began when all my expensive MAC makeup was stolen. Since I can remember I've always wanted to be a makeup artist, looking at all the MAC girls wearing their flawless makeup, I wanted to be that. So I began my journey by selling makeup at Traders Village, from there I knew I would see different faces and get clients from there by demonstrating my makeup skills.

Sure enough, I was being recognized for my makeup and started to get booked for weddings and other special occasions. So, as I progressed in my makeup skills I did apply at MAC 3 times  & other makeup counters and never once did they call me for an interview. I was very saddened by this but I trusted god, I wasn't meant to work there or anywhere else. He had bigger plans for me.

My husband had always told me to do hair that I need to go to hair school. So, I finally decided about 2 years ago, to begin my hair school journey at the Paul Mitchell School of Dallas. I hav not looked back! At school I was known as the "ombre queen" and well, I took that legacy with me and opened up my very own salon! 

This is only the beginning of my journey i have so many more goals and lots of planning to do. 

What are your TOP beauty regimens?

1. I do the #3 Olaplex treatment with the Brazilian Blowout deep conditioning masque once a week to keep and blow-dry my hair to keep my blonde hair nice and healthy.

2. To keep my blonde hair a longer period of time I also use a deep purple shampoo to tone out any yellow/orange on my blonde, once a week. Ladies, please please avoid using any products you can buy at walmart, cvs, and/or walgreens. If you've invested a lot on your hair services, also invest in your hair products, as well. Using any sulfate free shampoo will help your hair keep the toner in a lot longer and your won't be throwing away your money that you've spent at a professional salon.

3. Every three months I do the brazilian blowout. This helps my hair to stay in place. I have frizzy wavy hair and the brazilian will help me keep it some-what straight and keeping the frizziness away. It also helps me avoid any hot tools especially since I am going blonder and I have invested a lot on my hair I don't wanna mistreat it by using hot tools that will damage my hair. 

Name some DFW beauty services and brands you love. 

My Sola Salon family, I get haircuts, treatments, color and my sons haircuts.

Massage Envy in uptown with my girl Hope. I get my deep tissue massages every two weeks. She puts me straight, and anyone who is in the beauty industry who are also standing on your feet, go and see her! 

Describe your brand in the 3 words.

Confidence, Hustle, Inspirational

We understand you're a DFW' Ombre Expert, what are your TOP ombré color tips? 

Listening to my clients hair goals is key to building the foundation on my clients hair. I get a lot of hispanic and asian dark coarse hair, so they all come to me because they know I will get them to the beautiful blonde that we all blondes want.

As a professional hairstylist I am always more concerned about my clients hair. I don't ever use heat on them and I never promise them a blonde on their first visit.

However in time, with patience and process, I do get them there and they're more than happy.

Professionals, to tone out latinas hair always look at the most dominate pigment. It is always red or orange. Use the proper toning to neutralize these unwanted pigments and then go on by glossing your desire color. I love to use the Igora Schwarzkopf line also the lightener Igora Vario Blonde with Olpaplex.  

What do you love most about the Dallas/Ft.Worth?

Dallas is definitely growing within the beauty industry. I absolutely love to see all my lady friends who are building their empires. That right there is powerful, and not only that we are all encouraging each other. We all pass each other clients whenever one of us is busy. Everyone I've surrounded myself with have inspired me and I've inspired them. I've been very open-minded when it comes to learning new things and who better yet to ask than my DFW Beauties!

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

Never give up on your dreams. If you want it and work really hard for it... it will happen. Remember rejection is always a blessing, and remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream.