DFW Beauty News: Derm Institute at Forty Five Ten

DFW Beauty News: Derm Institute at Forty Five Ten

An American skincare brand with four collections, Antioxidant Hydration, Cellular Brightening, Cellular Rejuvenating, and the prestigious Youth Alchemy ($220-$600), aimed at the most important skin issues facing women of all ages: environmental toxins, oxidative stress, pollution, anti-aging and healthy skin repair, Derm Institute took an unusual route to the American market. 

Created in Florida in 2009 by founder, cosmeceutical researcher and CEO Mr. Young Lin and a renowned, award-winning team of scientists and chemists who together, had a vision to create cellular repairing skincare with DNA technology combining cutting edge ingredients, powerful therapeutic herbs and botanicals, and antioxidants to offer consumers fast, noticeable results previously un-achievable without the need of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s intervention.  

With the intention of bringing it first to Asian consumers, Young found the growing popularity of all the collections overwhelmingly positive. So after proving itself, selling in Asia at Harvey Nichols and Mitsukoshi among others over the last 6 years, the company entered the American market online with DISkincare.com in 2015 and two specialty stores: NYC apothecary, Osswald and Dallas luxury boutique, Forty Five Ten.  

According to Young, “We are so proud to announce our growth in the US. The vision of Space NK and Forty Five Ten and their ability to educate their customers was in line with how we sell the products in Asia.  Our Youth Alchemy Collection consists of four products that are results driven and clinically proven. Youth Alchemy is activated by 3 precious plant stem cells (Rose, Apple and Grape), Nano-gold and Nano –platinum peptide technologies, which increase the matrix of the dermis, generate skin healing function and improve the elasticity and firmness.  This patented formulation helps delay the aging process, strengthens skin barrier function, prevents photo-aging and lengthens the skin cells longevity.”

Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman was recently introduced to the brand.  Her favorite products from The Youth Alchemy Collection, besides others, are the Eye Cream and Concentrate. “I love Derm Institute's dedication to the science behind their products. After using DI's eye cream, I felt an instant tingling and tightening. After using the product twice a day for a week, I saw a difference in firmness and a lightening of my dark circles. What I found most impressive was that within 2 weeks of using the concentrate, subjects tested had a 193% increase in procollagen. This is a very active line that leaves skin feeling hydrated and smoother, which is one of the most significant issues we encounter with aging- loss of volume.”