DFW Beauty Budget: Travel Products Under $10

It is that time of year, where you slow down the hustle and bustle and allow yourself to take that much deserved vacation, but lets be real, traveling is stressful. Between booking the actual vacation, asking for work off, and making sure you didn’t forget to pack something that you think of as soon as you land; usually it the little things we forget.

So, I got my trusty to-go list of products, needs, and can’t live without items for traveling, in-hand, and went shopping!

The best part? The are all under $10 each!

First and foremost, you will not catch me without my trusty makeup remover wipes! Who wants to be relaxing by the pool, take a dip to cool off and your said “water proof mascara” is running down your face. The more and more you try to rub it off, the more it actually starts to look like a black eye. That is why you will never find me with out my Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

You also better not be caught dead without a great sunscreen. Who wants premature wrinkles? Not me! I know, in high school we all hopped into the tanning bed every chance we could. But now is the time to take care of ourselves! My favorite body sunscreen is the Banana Boat Sun Comfort 50+. I will admit, its hard to find that good facial sunscreen that doesn’t have that over powering sunscreen smell, and if your anything like me, I have sensitive skin, the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin 60+ is legit. Our lips can be neglected, its not the first thing we think about. But a SPF lip balm is a must! The Baby Lips SPF 20+ is smoothing and glossy.

One of the main things I think about when traveling is my carry on! I like to feel prepared and comfortable knowing that I have what I need at any given point. Some might call me a germaphobe, but I like to call it clean. I always have a hand sanitizer, and my absolute favorite is the Dial Skin Conditioner travel size. I love to keep the Purell Sanitizing wipes. I like to get on that plane and wipe down the area around me. A bit much?

Everyone knows the air on a plane is horrible. It makes your skin go crazy, and dry. A facial mist to spray through out the plane ride is a must. It hard to find a reasonable priced spray that does the job, but the L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray is cooling and hydrating at the same time. I always travel with a couple of sheet mask. One on the plane, and one when I land and get to the hotel. Miss Spa Sheet Mask in Hydrate and Energize are the best. 

When it comes to traveling we all know its stressful up until you arrive at the hotel, so make it easy, and keep those key pieces to keep you calm.

Contributor Jessica Socwell


Jessica Socwell

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