DFW Beauty Chat: Khadijat Sanni

Name & Age:

Khadijat Sanni aka PeakMill, 23

Professional Title:

Online Personality, Wig Maker and Ambassador for Wigz Across America.

Tell us about your brand.

Our brand mainly has to do with all things beauty, hair, and fashion related.

What are some of your personal beauty regimens and tips?

"Coconut oil is a gem, it works great with your hair, skin, cuticles, and removes makeup easily."

What are some of your most trusted beauty brands?

Revlon, Clinique, and Lashes by Lena

Describe your brand in three words.

Free Spirited, trust-worthy, and informational.

What promoted you to include Dallas/Ft. Worth in your upcoming beauty tour?

I get a lot of love from Dallas and a lot of my online followers live in Dallas.

Describe the overall process of purchasing a custom made wig through your company.

To purchase a custom wig, a potential client sends an email inquiry to my website first, and/or if they are looking to receive a wig due to cancer or alopecia they would go through the mochicbeauty.com and click on Wigz Across America.

MoChic Beauty, Inc. founded by Jaylin Waters aka AdonisTheAngel, is an upscale hair line offering a variety of high quality 100 % Brazilian, Cambodian, Malasian, Peruvian and Bohemian hair. Catering to distributors, retailers and individuals, they supply single bundles as well as bulk purchases of hair ranging from straight to wavy textures. 

Any tips for caring for your wig after purchase?

To care for your wig, it's good to wash or co-wash at least once a week, and deep condition when needed.  Pamper it and care for it as much as you would your real hair.

Any last words for our DFW beauties?

Nothing worth having comes easy.

For more information about the PeakMill brand and/or to purchase tickets for the upcoming tour "Wigs Across America Sponsored by Mo'Chic Angels", click HERE.