DFW Beauty Pick: Stress-Relieving Beauty


Everyone gets stressed out from time to time. If left unchecked, it tends to be a real issue! Which, of course, can lead to a number of major health problems, ranging anywhere from anxiety to severe depression and from mild acne to life-threatening heart-attacks. 

So it is easy to see why it is so vitally imperative to keep life’s major stressors in check.

April is National Stress-Awareness Month, and in honor of this observance our Founder has rounded up some of her TOP stress-relieving beauty products. 

Aromatherapy Associates - Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection

PRICE: $66

Experience the ultimate therapeutic splendor with this multi award-winning Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection. Complete with all Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils in 3ml bottles, each allowing for one unique bath or shower experience. This set of ten miniature oils is the perfect collection to get you or a loved one immersed in the compelling power of aromatherapy. 

DFW Beauty Guide: Kypris Beauty Elixir

Kypris - Beauty Elixir I - 1,000 Roses

PRICE: $225

For Rose lovers.  A 100% active, moisturizing Beauty oil formulated with holistic principles in mind. Scientifically established nutrients, a plethora of botanical extracts, and the essential oil of 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses combine to repair signs of environmental challenge to deliver dewy, glowing, rose-petal-soft skin.

DFW Beauty Guide: Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts

Dr Teal's Relax & Relief with Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

PRICE: $4.87

Discover the amazing benefits of Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt whole body soaks. Dr Teal's Relax & Relief combines Pure Epsom Salt with Eucalyptus & Spearmint or Lavender essential oils to relax and restore the body, revive the spirit and relieve your achy muscles and feet.


DFW Beauty Guide: Tata Harper Stress Management

Tata Harper - Aromatic Stress Treatment

PRICE: $80

A 100% natural and nontoxic aromatherapy treatment. This aromatherapy profoundly promotes overall tranquility and serenity and helps transforms mood and energy.

Available at Neiman Marcus

DFW Beauty Guide: Lavender Relaxing Gift Set L'Occitane

L'Occitane - Relaxing Lavender Gift

PRICE: $69

Lavender was one of the first flowers distilled by Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'OCCITANE. Known in Provence as "blue gold," this plant is an aromatic tribute to the south of France. It is the fragrant soul of the region, the fruit of respectful labor. L'OCCITANE uses lavender that is sourced from farmers’ cooperatives in Haute-Provence. This complete collection of Lavender products includes personal and home fragrances as well as bath and body care to offer moments of relaxation and well-being. 

Available at NorthPark Center

DFW Beauty Guide: Lush Bath Melt

Lush - Floating Island

PRICE: $3.95

Creamy sandalwood luxury. Sink into the tub and escape to your own fragrant, soothing island of tranquility. Fair trade vanilla bean, sandalwood and lemon oils create a dreamy scent to soothe the soul, while organic cocoa butter and shea butter transform bath water into a silky, softening sanctuary. Lie back and slip away to an island of luxury, and emerge ready to take on the real world.

Available at Dallas Galleria