Meet the Expert: AJ Crimson

DFW Beauty Guide: AJ Crimson

Name: AJ Crimson

Brief Bio:

AJ Crimson is the rock-star of the beauty industry! An Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist and Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, as well as, one of the most trusted names and leading authorities in the beauty industry. AJ's established reputation as an innovative beauty solutionist has made him and his products first choice for artist and celebrities. The AJ Crimson Beauty cosmetic line, like most great inventions, was borne out of necessity.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the world of beauty?

I started my career in artist development for a record label which sparked an interest in fashion styling which I tried my hand at but I didn't like schlepping clothes. One day on a shoot I gave inspiration photos to the makeup artist on set and for some reason she couldn't quite deliver. I just recall saying, "If I had your stuff I would do this myself". I thought about it for a few days then found myself at the makeup counter buying make up to teach myself. I later applied for a job at MAC, got it, and learned more. Having worked on a few indie films and my previous back ground at the label, I was referred to the costumes dept. on the movie 8 Mile. The day I received the first call to come in and interview I was literally walking into my makeup counter job and couldn't make it. I hated that feeling it was like I held myself back from the greatest opportunity. I knew that could never happen again. Thankfully I received a second call, it was to do laundry on an overnight shift, for $100 a day. I took the job and two weeks later I was working and learning under Oscar winning costume designer, Mark Bridges. As the movie was coming to wrap Mark asked my plans after the film. I wasn’t sure, I only knew I had to leave Detroit. He offered me a place to live in LA to start a new life for myself. I arrived in LA a few months later fresh off the Greyhound with $500, a bag of clothes and suitcase full of make up. It’s been an amazing journey ever since! 

What is your personal grooming regimen like?

Well I'm pretty kind to my skin, I love moisturizer. Steam showers are the best for skin. I love humidity. I try not to use to my shower soap, but I have to admit, I’m in a hurry most times that I fail at this more times than not.

I don't drink alcohol that often, which I think plays into keeping my skin care routine light. 

Bridal season is just around the corner, what are your TOP  bridal beauty tips?

I love keeping the skin fresh and light. Play up the eyes with reflective eye shadows in neutral shades and add a great mink lash and lots of waterproof mascara!

With a nude lipstick! you can't go wrong! 

Know your skin and your environmental conditions. If you’re having a destination wedding in a humid area, use a light weight foundation that is naturally dewy or has some sheen. This way your make up wont melt off or appear to have changed in texture due to perspiration.  Under normal conditions make sure your artist sets the make up well in the t zone this way you'll look flawless and camera ready all night long! You'll be getting close to guests so be sure to keep mints nearby. There is nothing more unattractive on the most beautiful day of your life, than a beautiful bride or groom with bad breath. 

Describe your brand in the three words:

 Empowering, adaptable , inclusive.

What can students expect from attending your workshop?

To be challenged as original artists as opposed to remaking the latest trend. 

What do you love most about the Dallas - Ft. Worth? What are you excited to see?

I love the big city feel yet friendly vibes. I have always felt welcomed here.

 Mary Kay 50th Finale

Honestly, I look forward to driving past the Mary Kay headquarters. It’s a huge inspiration to me to see it as a young brand. To know that one day, AJ Crimson Beauty will service women around the world to such capacity. 

What's on the horizon for your brand?

We are expanding into the lip line offering , and working on new completion formulations that will release next year. We just opened in four pro-stores: Frends Beauty, Naimies and Nigel  and the MUA project.

DFW Beauty Guide: AJ Crimson

Plus expanding in the UK by way of Guru Make Up Emporium

Things are moving a steady pace and I love it. We are in our own race, with ourselves. 

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

 I like to say and believe that, "Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun is always shining on us."  So you can't give up even if the road to success is rocky. You can make it! 

Don't forget that AJ Crimson is in town today for MUA Unleashed, click HERE for deets!