DFW Beauty Bombshell: Jessica Socwell


Name & Age:

Jessica Socwell 25

Professional Title:

Buyer and Purchasing Manager for Tin Rose Boutique.

A little background:

I’m originally from Wisconsin but moved to Texas at the age of three. So, I consider myself a Texan through and through; big lashes and bigger hair. I can remember from a young age loving art. My mother would always have some kind of craft project going on to really get my creative juices going. I have my mother to acknowledge for my artful hand. I’m engaged to my high school sweet heart of 9 years and currently planning our wedding for November of 2016. 

Beauty regimens and tips?

I can never stress enough about starting with a fresh face. Taking your make-up off every night is critical. Cleansing nightly following up with a night time oil or moisturizer.

Right now, I am obsessed with the Glam Glow YOUTHCLEANSE™, followed by Sunday Riley Floral Hyrdroactive Cellular Face Oil. I’m a firm believer in you can never start using anti-aging products to early. So anything that touches my face, you better believer its anti-aging. 2-3 times a week I will exfoliate with Dr. Brandt Pore Perfecting Exfoliator. Starting with an excellent skin will make the application of your make-up a breeze.

What are your favorite local DFW beauty brands and/or beauty related services?

I have my day set aside every two to three weeks to get my brows maintained. Katey at Vanity Room has an amazing eye for some eyebrows! I have this ultimate goal of these beautiful Brooke Shield eyebrows. So, every time I go in she gets me, give me those full eyebrows! A good eyebrow can transform and frame your face in a way you wouldn’t believe.

What are your must-have spring trends? 

I have literally have been dreaming about all the new spring trends to bust out. All I can picture is an orange candy apple lip with glowing skin and bright eye. I’m seeing a bold colored eyeliners paired with a beautiful nude lip. And of course the forever timeless bronze glowing skin. 

If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be?

Not sure I could pick just one beautiful lady. I have meet some pretty amazing, inspiring, talented ladies along the way.I can honestly say I have learned a valuable lesson from each and everyone of these woman whom I think about daily. My ideal dinner is with a group of strong, independent, creative, and positive women with a margarita in hand. Oh, and some chips and salsa. Told you, Texas girl through and through. 

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

Just be comfortable in your own skin.

Easier said than done, right?

Don’t try and compare you life with someone else. Everyone is on a different path in life, and just because your not at the same point doesn’t mean it won’t be your time. Just be you, work hard, inspire people, and just enjoy life day to day.