DFW Beauty Guide: Spring Beauty Trends


Black-cherry Lips. 

Bordering on black, this dark shade of purple-red seemed to be the only lipstick color makeup artists brought with them to Italy. And while each person described the moody hue in their own way (it was prune at Marni, dark, dark red at Max Mara, Bordeaux at Bottega Veneta), all the looks shared the same qualities: subversively sexy, utterly cool, and unexpectedly glamorous.

Finger Waves. 

This is perhaps the most surprising beauty trend to emerge so far. We actually first spotted classic finger waves at Marc Jacobs in New York City. Everyone expected that to be the last sighting, but then we saw versions of the sculpted look at Gucci, Prada, and Salvatore Ferragamo. The resurgence of the vintage hairstyle isn't totally random; with all the old-school silhouettes coming down the runway, it makes sense that hairstylists would look to that era for inspiration. And yes, it's certainly a unique look, and one that's difficult to do, but there's a way to work it in 2016. "It's a very set look, but it is something that girls at home could do with just one wave," hairstylist Guido said backstage at Marc Jacobs.

Goth Glam. 

Gone were the typical backstage muses like Jane Birkin and Sophia Loren, and in their place were punk, goth, and heavy-metal rockers like Alice Cooper, Sid & Nancy, and Marilyn Manson. The words "tough" and "dark" and "melancholy" were thrown around a lot, and makeup artists used black eyeliner with abandon.

Festival Beauty. 

The "festival girl" seemed to be on everyone's mind in Milan, and backstage, hairstylists and makeup artists gave the look a high-fashion, slightly conceptual twist. Psychedelic eye paint at Fendi, colorful shocks of liner at Ports 1961, headbands at Versace, and at Missoni, the coolest rumpled waves inspired by none other than Patti Smith.