DFW Beauty Guide: Cryotherapy

DFW Beauty Guide - Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the fastest-growing, holistic, wellness solutions that enables the body to naturally recover at the cellular level. By exposing yourself to temperatures around -220°F with nitrogen gas in our Cryocabin for up to three minutes, your body protects your internal organs by pushing blood to the core where it circulates, keeping your core temperature intact while your blood picks up vital nutrients. After exiting the Cryocabin, blood recirculates back into your outer extremities and creates favorable conditions for:

  • Rejuvenating muscle and skin

  • Providing a boost to your energy level and metabolic rate
  • Increasing collagen production in your skin
  • Reducing inflammation

Beauty and Spa Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Reduces Cellulite

  • Boosts Metabolism to promote weight loss

  • Improves skin conditions – including psoriasis, blemishes and acne

  • Increases collagen production – evens skin tone and reduces visible signs of aging

Interested in trying this out DFW Beauties? See some local cryotherapy clinic below.


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