Business of Beauty: Courtney & Carrie of Southern Chic Wax

Courtney Whitefield & Carrie Radcliff, both 28, are estheticians and owners of Southern Chic Wax

Tell us a little about your brand.

We specialize in body waxing (and eyelash extensions coming soon!) and our pride is in our Brazilian Wax! We know everyone's initial thought towards a bikini wax is negative, so we do everything we can to keep their service with us as comfortable, fun, and painless as possible! Our clients experience is THE most important part of our business; and because of this we have a 5 star rating across the board. 

What are some of your personal beauty regimens and tips.

Exfoliate! Whether you're shaving or waxing it is super important to exfoliate your skin with exfoliating gloves or a sugar scrub. Avoid make up if you don't HAVE to wear it, and when you do make sure you take it off every night before bed! Finding a good day/night moisturizer for your face is extremely important for aging and set a goal each day to drink half your body weight in ounces of water!  



What are some of your most trusted beauty brands?

We love Eminence and Renee Rouleau skin care products! Anastasia Brow Wiz, & Kelley Baker Brow products are definitely our GO TO for sculpting THE most important part of your face; your eyebrows! 

Can you describe your brand in 3 words.

Comfortable, Fun, Judgement-Free

Any obstacles in launching a DFW beauty brand?

When we initially got the idea of opening up our own business we weren't necessarily surrounded by the most supportive group of people. It's crazy how much that kind of negative energy can hold you back from your dreams. So we make a point to be around people who lift our spirits! Also, it's been difficult to manage our business all while keeping it separate from our home life. So we try to keep it all separate so that we aren't working 24/7!


What do you love most about the DFW?

We are Dallas born and raised! We loveee the vibe of our city; and the constant events and concerts they host! You can catch us (figuratively, not literally) in a mosh pit practically every month! 

What's on the horizon for SCW?

Expansion! We cannot wait to expand to Downtown Dallas! Our biggest flaw is how big we dream. A location or 4 in the DFW area is ideal. As much fun as it has been working in a small little suite with just the two of us; we cannot wait to hire our first employee and spoil them rotten! 

Any tips for those interested in starting a career in beauty?

Just go for it! There's no greater feeling than being your own boss and running a business the way YOU want to run it. To be unique and to listen to whatever music you want! Take the time to build a genuine and sincere relationship with your clients because they come back each month to see YOU and nobody else! 

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

Rock On! 🏻