DFW Beauty Chat: Teresa Taponpanh


We've been scoping the DFW scene for some of the best hair colorists... and we're so glad we found Teresa. Read below for more on the up and coming color specialist based right here in the BIG D.

Brief background:

Teresa Taponpanh, 27, Hair Color Specialist

What is your beauty regimen like?

I'm very low maintenance! I spend most of my days grooming others to perfection, meanwhile I'm finding shortcuts to do the same with my busy schedule! I often go for a natural rooted look with a lighter color on my ends because I honestly never find time to get my hair done. I'm lucky to work in a salon suite setting because I can go down the hall to the best estheticians during my (very seldom) down time if I need to do any other grooming! What are your BEST haircare tips? Leave it to the experts. We suggest products because we want the client to take care of their hair that they most likely paid a lot for! From getting an Olaplex treatment, using a Moroccan Oil, and a salon quality shampoo and conditioner - all of these will ensure healthy and happy hair!

What can one expect when choosing you as their haircare expert?

A good listener,  Honest answers, and taking my time to analyze what the long term outcome is. I pay attention to detail in the end, I want both of us to be happy!


Do you specialize in any unique coloring applications?

Balayage, especially on naturally darker brown hair is fun to me! It's so cool to see that crazy orange color turn into a soft caramel tone.  I do a lot of free handed painting when it comes to the skill I enjoy the most. Something about having a canvas in front of you and continually adding to the masterpiece over time is pretty rewarding. I see them walk out the door and think to myself, wow! I did that.

Any holiday promotions we should know about?

Receive 10% off any retail product during the month of December!

What's on the horizon for you in the near future?

Eventually, I would like to own a salon and offer to rent chairs or suites to creative stylists who want to run their own business. I want to see others succeed and give them the power to do it on their own! That's many years to come though!

Any last words for our DFW Beauties?

Love is the Warmest Colour ❣️