DFW Beauty Bombshell: Kelley Barnes

DFW Beauty Guide: Kelley Barnes

Name & Age: 

Kelley Barnes, 28 

Professional Title:

Content Planner 

A little background:

I am a Fort Worth Native with a Bachelor's of Science in Advertising/PR from Texas Wesleyan University. I am also the Founder of The Style Barn blog. I work as a Content Planner for an omnichannel marketing firm, Tandem Theory, located in North Dallas. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, online shopping, and visiting art exhibits.

DFW Beauty Guide - Kelley Barnes

What are some of your beauty regimens and tips?

Drinking plenty of water and laying off the sweet stuff seems to work in my favor. Also, washing my face morning and night makes all the difference. 

My ULTIMATE beauty tip: 

Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to lashes after removing mascara, will do wonders for your lashes. Conditions them, too!

What are your go-to local DFW beauty brands and/or beauty related services?

Amazing Lash Studio & Bombshell Beauty Factory.

What DFW spring events are you most looking forward to?

Nordstrom's Spring Trend Event!

If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be?

Diamond Mahone

Any last words for our DFW beauties?

Do what makes you happy. Love yourself and wear stylish clothes.