DFW Beauty Guide: Fragrance Trends

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The beauty trend of 2016 is "fragrance." Women who have put on their make-up finish by spraying perfume. Many beauty trade fairs also make a separate section of fragrance solely and a lot of beauty markets also flourish with releasing various products that will capture both men and women.

So, we can discover what fragrances and ingredients will be trendy for the upcoming spring/summer fashion scene. Among all various trend forecasts, let's focus on the nature-inspired themes and their main elements.

● Havana Breeze

Set along the shores of sun-drenched Havana, fresh morning dew settles on lush, green palms. Light notes of white floral come and go like the rhythm of the calm and silent sea. Incorporating notes of coconut, raw vanilla and palm leaves these fragrances embody the laid-back lifestyle of this tropical story.

● Island Spicy

Sweet and zesty, Island Spice combines the exotic fruits of Cuba with a splash of citrus, and fiery peppers. Much like Santiago de Cuba after the sun has set, these fragrances are vibrant and full of spice. Fresh, juicy mango and papaya play on the sharp spiciness of pimento pepper for scents that are alive and full of spice.

● Hemingway's Retreat

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's Havana home, Finca Vigia, these fragrances allow you to embark on the Cuban adventure of a lifetime.

The 19th century colonial home combines stately retro sensibility with exotic island charm, a unique pairing fit for the refined. An intoxicating combination of tobacco leaves, green sugar cane, banana tree flower, frangipani, and palo santo, these fragrances are lush, inviting and sensual.

● Flower Child

Light and airy, Flower Child is a delicate blend of bouquet aromas that resemble that of the air in an open field of wildflowers. Evoking an aura of eternal peace, love, and happiness this fragrance brings sweet and sexy into perfect harmony.

● Mary Jane

Elate your senses and delve into a world of intoxication and allure. Fresh notes of lush cannabis are blended with seductive rose, as well as sweet and spicy ylang ylang for fragrances that are tantalizingly addictive.

Entrancing and sensual, Mary Jane is inspired by mind-altering experiences that unveil a deep and penetrating beauty.

● Lunar Enchantment

Scents that take your soul past midnight, when anything and everything seems possible under the small hours' reflection. Full of dark and romantic notes, the scent creates a magical and fantastic composition.

● Midnight Garden

Delicate and subtle, yet dark and mysterious, Midnight Garden celebrates the beauty of blossoming gardens during the darkest and quietest hour of the day.

These fragrances take you down a trail of precious purple flowers surrounded by thick, musky fog and the approaching night.