DFW Beauty Guide: Ampoules

DFW Beauty Guide - Ampoules

What are ampoules?

Ampoules are designed to address every skin conditions and deficiency. Ampoules can have remarkable effects on various skin conditions, irritations, hyper - pigmentation, as well as aging. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application. Ampoules are commonly used in beauty salons during facials/before make up application. You can use it for special occasions or incorporate it into your skincare regime. Makeup lasts longer as it is helpful in controlling sebum and makes our face looks less oily. 

It is real acute care for you face. Sealed off ampoules contain highly concentrated active substances which, when applied onto the skin, produce a very quick effect.

Absolute impermeability and sterility of the package allow avoiding the use of preservatives, which is very useful for hypersensitive skin.

Each ampoule is intended to be used at once and contains a definite amount of active substances, which excludes overdose.

Depending on the active substances they consist of, some ampoules allow solving specific problems and even cope with serious dermatitis, the others contain concentrates with immediate effects. The ampoule used for cosmetology purposes is geared toward the greatest problems of women who have recently passed the age of thirty. Super moistening (hydroderm) is very popular. Such a preparation allows the over dried skin to be instantly saturated with moisture and to thus learning to preserve it on its own. In this it is assisted by active polysaccharides extracted from sea algae. There are some ampoules that contain cellulose analogous to the placental one. They do not just moisten the skin, but contribute to its regeneration as well.

Some special preparations are made for dry, fading skin. They contain the so-called “bee food”, propolis, which is a unique source of vital energy. Ampoules containing propolis do not just stimulate the activity of the tired skin, but improve the condition of the fat and problem skin.

Ampoules with bisabolol extracted from plant oils and with calendula are a real rescue for the most sensitive and irritated skin. They have antiphlogistic and emollient properties and produce a regenerative effect on the skin.

After using ampoules of elastin, protein, propolis, plant serum or collagen your face will grow younger right before your eyes.

The ampoules are the quickest way of imparting freshness of young age and healthy color to skin. And yet the main secret of the ampoule used for cosmetology purposes is its prolonged effect. The effect of using such agents becomes more intensive day after day. If you give your skin a treat of them at least once in a fortnight (ideally, you should do it every week) you will not need facelifts. But in case you use such cosmetics you should:

  • Use these ampoules strictly following directions stated in the supplied instruction manual or on the label;
  • Buy such cosmetics only at the drugstore;
  • You should apply the ampoules’ content only on absolutely clean skin to produce the expected effect;
  • The best effect is achieved after the use of peeling and cleaning masks.