DFW Beauty Guide: Beat the Frizz

Dallas Frizzy Hair - DFW Frizzy Hair

Ladies, it’s August in Texas. That means it’s pushing 110°, the air is thick with humidity, and our hair is a mound of frizz on top of our heads (and not in the “everything’s bigger in Texas” sort of way). With all of the rain we’ve had and the rising temperatures, maintaining smooth, healthy hair can be tricky. Here are some of tricks for keeping your hair looking sleek and silky—even through the damaging Summer.

Only wash your hair when absolutely necessary. 

It may seem counter-intuitive, but oftentimes frizz is caused by a lack of moisture in your hair. Coupled with the fact that it’s hot and humid outside, dry hair is only going to make the situation worse. When you wash your hair, it loses some the moisture and natural oils that keep it looking and feeling healthy. Cut back on how often you’re washing you hair to avoid causing dryness.

Use conditioner and moisturizing serums. 

To further combat any dryness you’re experiencing with your hair, make sure you’re being proactive by applying moisturizing products. Always put a little bit of conditioner in your hair after washing, and look into using an oil-based serum that your hair will absorb and love you for later.

Avoid products that use alcohol. 

When you go out drinking Mambo Taxis with your friends on Friday night, you always have to wash down (at least) a glass of water before going to sleep, right? Same concept with your hair. Alcohol is in many of the products on drugstore and supermarket shelves, and so read labels or be on the lookout for salon-quality products. They’re usually a safer bet since they don’t stay on the shelf as long.

Learn how to do frizz-friendly hairstyles.

During the summertime, it’s often too hot to wear your hair down in the first place. Braids are super trendy right now, and they can be the perfect hairstyle when you can’t seem to tame frizz. French and fishtail braids look great, can cool you down, and eliminate the appearance of frizz. If you have a few flyaway hairs after braiding your hair, use a wax or an alcohol-free hairspray to polish your final look.

Embrace your natural hair. 

If your hair is naturally curly, wear it curly. If your hair is naturally straight, wear it straight. Neither you or your products are going to win the fight against nature and your hair at the end of a long day. Focus instead on keeping your hair healthy. Using heat to create a certain style is only going to strip the moisture your hair desperately needs. However, if you have a special reason to do some extra styling, take the proper precautions.

Use high-quality styling tools and heat protectants. 

When styling your hair with hot tools, make sure you’re not using cheap irons and straighteners that will strip your hair of moisture. Also, invest in heat protecting spray to shield your hair against the harsh temperatures of styling tools.

Brush your hair regularly. 

Brushing your hair helps to distribute the natural oils on your scalp. When combating frizz, it’s all the more important to make sure these oils are reaching every inch of your locks.

A common theme among all of these tips is to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. The healthier your hair, the less likely the humidity and heat of the DFW area will affect your tresses. Treat your hair with care, and it will look great all Summer long!

Cameron Proffitt Contributor  

Cameron Proffitt