DFW Beauty News: Unit Skin Studio

Unit Skin Studio Dallas

Preston Hollow-based dermatology spa, Unit Skin Studio, is now open. Combining top medical expertise and a premier location, the skin studio offers minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, acne treatments and laser therapy, traditionally offered at dermatology offices, in a more inclusive, welcoming and contemporary ambiance. Unit Skin Studio’s purpose is to provide first class service, innovative solutions, trustworthy resources and personal education to assist patients as they overcome obstacles and achieve optimum radiance so they look, feel and perform at their best.

Unit Skin Studio has enlisted medical experts, Dr. Max Adler of Park Cities Dermatology and highly sought after cosmetic dermatology specialist and injector Sandra Witten, P.A., to oversee treatments. Dr. Adler, the studio’s medical director, is responsible for providing oversight and direction to the studio, while Witten, Unit’s operating partner, will administer treatments and consult with individuals to customize their beauty plans based on their short and long-term goals. The addition of these two medical professionals drives Founder Lindsey Pineyro’s mission of providing minimally invasive procedures in a more approachable way than is currently available, without compromising on professionalism.

Pineyro was inspired to create Unit Skin Studio upon experiencing the positive affects she felt both mentally and physically after taking steps to revitalize her skin. Unit Skin Studio was brought to life through Pineyro’s desire to bring this all-encompassing affirmative feeling to others.

“Beauty lies in confidence,” says Pineyro. “By bringing Unit Skin Studio to Dallas, I hope to promote a sense of self assurance within people who seek out our services by amplifying their natural beauty. The addition of having the best injectors and skin professionals in Dallas on our team, makes us the premier option.”

With a reputation for being one of Dallas’ best injectors, Witten brings her highly sought after talent and over 15 years of experience to Unit Skin Studio. She is responsible for providing consultative oversight and operations, as well as on-site medical expertise to the studio. Witten has been featured on by ABC, CBS, Fox and CW33 for her beauty and cosmetic dermatology expertise, accruing over 20 television appearances.

“Our top priority at Unit Skin Studio is to provide our clients with top-of-the-line treatments and services that are on par with those available at any medical office,” states Witten. “What sets us apart is the level of convenience we will provide to guests that other practices are not able to deliver. We strive to cater to busy lifestyles of clients on the go.”

The studio will offer a wide range of treatments including Botox®, Juvéderm Ultra Plus, Juvéderm Voluma XC, Sculptra®, chemical peels, laser hair removal, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, laser skin resurfacing, photo rejuvenation as well as specialized acne treatments. The combined experience level of Unit Skin Studio’s medical director, physician’s assistant and aestheticians allows for the spa to utilize a various set of techniques to treat client’s skin.

Unit Skin Studio is located in Preston Hollow Village, 7949 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 115, Dallas, TX 75230.

For more information on Unit Skin Studio, please visit www.unitskinstudio.com