DFW Beauty Guide: Pop Up Nail Art

Pop Up Nail Art in a Vintage Trailer by MsPattyCake

Pop Up Nail Art in a Vintage Trailer

by MsPattyCake

About this project

My Story:

My Name is Patricia aka MsPattyCake and my artistic hobby for what would soon become my passion began back in 1999 (when nail art wasn't anywhere near as popular as it is today). A few years later in 2002 I decided to attend cosmetology school and I graduated with honors. 

I have been mobile for a couple of years now and decided to change doing what I love into a professional business in a Trailer. Just recently I created my own logo and designed my own website (www.mspattycake.com). After devoting needed time, hard work, dedication and bit of persistence, MsPattyCake has now developed into a brand that is recognized and I'm more than truly proud of.  

With a little love and support from my loyal clients (old and new, most of whom I have the pleasure of calling friends) and community, I now have that final exciting and motivating “push” needed to pursue this venture! My passion and dream has continued to grow, and I feel like it’s time to expand my horizons. I want to travel! Both near and far! 


I want to share with all of you that something as SMALL as the size of your finger nails can make a BIG difference in your day and just genuinely make you smile. I am a Nail ARTIST, not just a manicurist. I do this for the love of ART. I want to create tiny masterpieces on your fingers... show you that something that is so much fun doesn’t have to be corporate or expensive, but rather affordable, comfortable and also super convenient! 

As an artist, this is more about live art for me than a basic manicure with nail art (although I will offer what I call "Plain Jane" polish change for the timid). I will create freehand intricate masterpieces on fingernails, one city at a time, so that everyone can enjoy and appreciate the fact that nail art is an art form too and absolutely anyone can rock it! Let me come to you: your house, your place of work, your bar, or your party/event. Anything goes.


This is where the idea of purchasing and refurbishing a vintage trailer and driving to onsite locations came about. To accommodate my growth and further expand, I would like to purchase a vintage “fixer upper” trailer and turn it into an adorable traveling pop up nail art trailer. It's going to take a lot of work, inside and out and a some love & elbow-grease…but once completed, I will be able to pop-up and park at multiple locations with complete freedom (I already have the green light on a few locations & events to pop up at). This means lower operating costs and the ability to target locations and times most likely to see sales. 

A Real Fixer Upper

I will continue to offer my services for parties, pop ups, festivals and local businesses for events as I do so already (some of these places are: Ten Over Six, St. Bernard sports, & Neiman Marcus). The main benefit of offering my artistic services in a travel trailer is the ability to go to my customers, rather than waiting for them to come to me. 

Using social media like Instagram https://instagram.com/mspattycake/, Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/nailartbymspattycake, & Twitter https://twitter.com/themspattycake I can keep people up to date and informed of my daily whereabouts.

With your help, I can purchase my “fixer-upper” and turn it into a real life Nail Art on Wheels! Now who wouldn't want to be part of a unique one of a kind idea like that?! 

 In a city that supports small business, and has a growing mobile truck market...The MsPattyCake traveling Nail Art Trailer will definitely make it's mark!  

For those of you that wanna get NAILED by MsPattyCake, dance your asses off to @RobViktum and get your drink on a SUNDAY then save the date for 8/23 2-6 @vickeryparkbar.

Bring your wallets and your squad! Be there or be square DFW Beauties!