DFW Beauty Guide: Beauty Brands

Beauty and lots and lots of beauty brands is every girl’s day dream, aside from mastering the perfect brow.

Luckily, for you DFW beauties both of those dreams have come true! Just slightly aslant from the frequented Whole Foods Market in the happening Village on the Parkway square. Oblong shaped, multi brick layered, faced with lofty style, crystal clear windows with Beauty Brands capped across the top; lies a hidden gem cornered inside Addison’s most popular and engaged shopping plaza.

A smart move from a strategical standpoint, Beauty Brands is housed in a great location making the high level of consumer attraction inevitable and the best kept secret easily accessible.

The special tour mapped out for DFW Beauty Guide during grand opening weekend, vividly speaking in a child-like imagination, was like twirling through the candy land of the beauty world.
DFW Beauty Guide - Beauty Brands NOW Open in Addison

The open and airy space, scented with lingering mixtures of fragrances is equally divided into a store that transitions into multiple pampering sections which includes; a mini hair salon, manicure and pedicure stations, and private spa rooms. Beauty Brands’ four paged menu mirrors that of a five star restaurant, finely printed delicacies ranging from lash extensions, makeup application and brow shaping to waxing, facials, massages, and skincare treatments are eye appealing and reasonably priced.

Beauty Brands - DFW Beauty Guide

Each mile long isle is perfectly stocked with bottles of designer perfume; skin care must-haves, hair products with matching tools, a rainbow of nail colors and much more, literally all of the dire essentials for the modern day beauty professional. The floor is filled with BB experts and brand representatives available to answer questions, provide beauty tips, and perform product testing for customers on the spot.

What more can a girl ask for?

Now that we’re finished with the cyber grand tour, let’s chit-chat a bit.

Here’s a random yet relevant question:

As you’re conversing with girlfriends about your brow guy in Uptown, your lash lady in Frisco, and your hairstylist Downtown; do you suddenly become overwhelmed with the travel expenses tied to those services? Well, Beauty Brands eliminates those trips around Venus by offering a one-stop shop with customized beauty related services catered to meet everything a woman needs to survive. By far the best thing since diamond cream facials!

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate beauty experience on a mini-getaway budget, Beauty Brands is your final destination. 

Kristin McIntyre STYLE EDITOR

Kristin McIntyre