DFW Beauty News: James Read Tan & Verso Skincare

Two new beauty brands that have just launched in Texas- James Read Tan and VERSO Skincare who are now available at SEPHORA across the state

James Read Tan in Texas

James Read Tan | www.jamesreadtan.com

Tanning maestro to the A-list, James Read’s eponymous line of products has been years in the making and will leave you looking your bronzed, beautiful best – the next best thing to a session with the guru himself.  This carefully formulated range blends hydrating and anti-aging ingredients with super flattering, “Mediterranean bronze” pigments for a revolutionary, all-natural color that is meant to be layered for a flawless look.


  •          James Read Day Tan Face, $34.00
  •          James Read Day Tan Body, $45.00
  •           James Read Express Bronzing Mousse, $38.00
  •           James Read Instant Bronzing Mist, $38.00
  •           James Read Pre-Tan Enzyme Peel Mask, $22.00

All available from SEPHORA and Blue Mercury

Verso Skincare - Dallas  -DFW

VERSO Skincare | www.versoskincare.com

Scandinavian luxury skincare brand VERSO contains Retinol-8,  the first non-prescription high dose Vitamin A derivative that can be used safely during the day due to its stabilized complex of a unique Vitamin A derivative and polyphenol extracts. Not only is it 8 times more effective than standard vitamin A products on the market, but it’s purely formulated and contains no harmful substances. With substantial clinical trials, VERSO is unique and effective, with impressive results. It is clinically proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce pigmentation and supply the skin with more energy and oxygen, resulting in finer, more radiant looking skin.  VERSO holds a global exclusivity of the proprietary technology in all countries excluding Korea.


  •          VERSO Radiance Restored Duo, $185.00

The optimal combination of products for protecting your face from external aggressors, while at the same time diminishing the appearance of pigmentation spots and scars caused by acne or sunburn.  No. 2 Day Cream, with its moderate concentration of actives and sun filters, has a preventive effect against sun damage, whilst the high concentration of Retinol 8 in No. 6 Dark Spot Fix, together with Niacinamide and Polyphenol extract, will effectively treat skin already affected by sun and pigment changes.

  •          VERSO No. 7 Super Facial Oil, $195.00

The FIRST-TO-MARKET facial oil with concentrated Vitamin A and Retinol.  Super Facial Oil, works hard to nourish, hydrate and smooth skin, whilst Retinol 8 protects the skin and effectively combats signs of ageing. The new wonder oil contains extracts of Sunflower and Canola oils to deeply moisturize the skin, whilst reducing inflammatory tendencies to the skin caused by everyday life and UV exposure.

VERSO is available from SEPHORA.