DFW Beauty Guide: Asherah Swimwear

IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

Famished and visibly disheveled from the sultriness on the hottest day of the summer thus far, I pulled up to the valet at the Dallas Bungalow Beach Club on a hasty mission. Solely going off my gut without any confirmation, I handed the attendant ten dollars to get an exclusive ten minute interview with new and upcoming swimwear designer, Cheryl ‘Cejae’ Jones at her summer pop-up shop.

As I walk in and peep the scenery, there stands a beautiful and slender young lady with long black hair, face covered with shades, sweating profusely from single handedly manning down her entire pop-up shop operation literally built by her own manicured hands. I apprehensively approached her, and despite being totally caught off guard by my presence she greeted me with a bashful smile, pulled out a few chairs and un-reluctantly agreed to a brief pow-wow with DFW Beauty Guide

Asherah, goddess of the sea, which derived from Cejae’s fascination with Greek mythology officially launched on July 4, 2015, after a year and a half of countless hours and selfless investments. Cejae, also a model represented by The Campbell Agency, a graphic designer, and creative director, emphasized that she wanted to create a piece of work that tied all of her talents into one, and to eventually capitalize off it; Asherah was inevitably the end product.

IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

After years of customizing other designer pieces tailored to mirror her own unique style and gaining numerous inquiries from acquaintances, she developed multiple visions, turned them into sketches, bought a sewing machine and the rest is her-story. She was the mastermind behind every component related to Asherah’s creation; from designing the company logo, making samples, researching patterns, connecting with manufacturers, selecting models to represent the brand, to creating the concepts for Asherah’s promotional images and marketing tools.  

Cejae expressed how adamant she is about being hands on during every phase of production to ensure that what she envisions is perfectly captured and effortlessly executed. Certainly one of the hardest working women in this industry!

Sporty and sexy, suitable for the quintessential tomboy captions the current collection which consist of black, white, and neon colors tied with mesh fabric, detailed cut-outs and adjustable accessories.

The highly anticipated unveiling of the launch continues to keep consumers on their toes and eagerly awaiting for what’s to come. With a gleam in her eyes, Cejae shared her five year strategically aligned with the stars plan for Asherah Swimwear, soft and articulately spoken she quoted:

“I want Asherah to be the next Victoria Secret, I eventually want to expand beyond swimwear, I want to design lingerie, fitness wear,  cover ups, flip flops, beach towels, accessories, just everything, but that’s a long term goal, my short term goal is to have a store-front in my hometown city of Dallas, of course, and eventually one in Miami or L.A.”
IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

IMAGE CREDIT - Kauwuane Burton 

She is the epitome of A-she-roh and notably the next Mara Hoffman.

Oh and off the record, her second collection is due to debut before the end of this year. I won’t spill any specifics, but just know that the Versace inspired pieces are going to be crazy, beautiful bananas.

For a preview of the S/S 2015 collection, visit Asherah Swimwear pop up shop at the Dallas Bungalow Beach Club every Saturday and Sunday until the end of summer DFW beauties!

Kristin McIntyre STYLE EDITOR

Kristin McIntyre