DFW Beauty Deals: StudioHop

DFW Beauty Deals - StudioHop

One Membership - $100. Unlimited Classes. No Blackout Class Times.

StudioHop has simplified to one unlimited membership for $100 per month StudioHop now offers one streamlined membership for people looking to add variety into their fitness routine. Beginning this month, all StudioHop members now enjoy unlimited classes throughout the month to a curated list of the best boutique fitness studios in Dallas for $100 per month.

StudioHop is a monthly membership to a variety of fitness studios throughout the Dallas area and expanding into other cities soon. Instead of joining a gym, StudioHop members enjoy the freedom of “hopping” to boutique fitness studios ranging from barre, yoga, Pilates, spin, boot camp, dance cardio and everything in between. StudioHop members enjoy the convenience of reserving their classes at partnered studios directly from the StudioHop website, and soon, mobile app. “Hopping” from studio to studio is literally as easy as the click of a button. Adding variety into a fitness routine is proven to help people get the results they desire, prevent boredom and encourage them to stick to their program. 

Top 10 Reasons To Make The Hop:

1. No blackout times or dates:  Members get access to ALL classes even the busy classes. A fitness membership should fit into a member’s hectic schedule. To do that, StudioHop doesn’t black out times or limit available class options. 

2. One Membership: A StudioHop membership provides access to a variety of top-notch boutique fitness studios all under one convenient membership. 

3. Unlimited* Access to Studios: StudioHop believes its members should reap the benefits of adding variety to their fitness routines. To truly incorporate variety into a routine and notice a difference, our members need to attend their favorite classes at least once a week. The competitor company limits their members to 3 classes max per month at each studio… StudioHop does not. StudioHop offers unlimited visits at each partner studio with a few exceptions. A few studios impose a 5 class visit limit per month. 

4. Accessibility: It is easy to book classes online or on any mobile device. Members are “on the go” and to make things as easy and accessible as possible, StudioHop provides quick access to available class times at all partnered studios all from the StudioHop website. It is easy as one click to reserve a class. 

5. Variety = Results: Most people get bored with the same workout day in and day out. Whatever workout members choose today, tomorrow is a new day to try something new. Variety in a fitness routine challenges the body to the point that it starts making changes, yielding results.

6. Membership Perks and VIP Treatment: Members get amazing exclusive perks and VIP treatment at studios. StudioHop has partnered up with some of great businesses-- juice bars, spas, healthy lunch spots and more- to provide a little something extra for members. Whether it is a monthly freebie, a weekly deal or bottled water at various studios, members deserve something for all their hard work.  

7. Member Experience: StudioHop is committed to providing the best experience for its members. Through personal correspondence, events, perks, VIP treatment, and information connecting members to free classes, StudioHop delivers personal attention to every single member. 

8. Support Local:  With a local Dallas team, StudioHop understand the area and the local fitness community firsthand. If members ever have any questions or suggestions, StudioHop HQ is right here in Dallas.

9. Fitness Community: It is easier to stick to a routine with a community of supporters! StudioHop provides many events and member meet-ups for members to attend and help maintain goals.

10. Open Door Policy: StudioHop welcomes all feedback and opportunity to connect with members. We want to hear from members, celebrate fitness successes, and address all member concerns immediately.