DFW Beauty Guide: Dear Clark Launches Revitalizing Body Wash

Dear Clark Body Wash

Dear Clark has done it again with the launch of their new revitalizing body wash and body lotion. Not only do they both renew the skin, but they also hydrate from head to toe. 

Using natural ingredients sourced from Texas, the revitalizing body wash and lotion are the perfect addition to the beloved Dear Clark haircare line. Similar to Dear Clark haircare, the first three ingredients of the wash and lotion are Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rose of Jericho. The revitalizing body wash exfoliates and replenishes from the outside in, while the body lotion hydrates skin as tired and dry as the west Texas dessert.

The body wash contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract, which includes large amounts of phytonutrients that stimulates and activates the skins metabolism. It also rids your skin of the free radicals that accumulate as skin is regularly exposed to sunlight and environmental pollution. Considering the scalp is the skin on the head from which your hair grows, this Dear Clark wash serves as a duo for the bodyand the hair.

“We were inspired to do a hair and body wash in one for a more gentle cleanse for the hair and great for the body,” Holly Dear, co-owner of Dear Clark Hair Studio, said.

The body lotion combines the Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil and the Rose of Jericho to work in a perfect trinity to bring the dry skin back to feeling smoother than ever. The Aloe lifts and exfoliates as well as brings in thousands of anti-oxidants for a silky, longer lasting shave. 

"We wanted to do an Aloe Vera based body wash and lotion to get the benefits across to the entire body," said Dear.

The Dear Clark products all consist of a signature scent comprised of essential oils and all are made with natural ingredients that are home grown in Texas and crafted locally. Each product is unique in composition and contributes to specific results. Dear Clark haircare and bodycare restores hair and skin to one’s youthful vigor.