DFW Beauty Chat: Jake Tafoya

DFW Beauty Guide - The Mod Labb

Name & Age: 

Jake Tafoya, 26 yrs old

Professional Title:

Lead Artist and Owner of The Mod Labb

A little background:

I wasn't raised a city girl, my roots travel from a small town outside of Amarillo, Tx called Hereford. I fell in love with the city of Dallas around the age of 11 and completed grade school at Plano West Sr. High in 2005. I knew from an adolescent age helping people was where my heart was. I found my purpose behind the chair at the age of 20. It took a memorable moment in hair school to change the course of my career...After completing a simple service I spun my client around to see the finished product and watched as her confidence rose, her eyes lit up and she started to cry. I immediately thought my world was over until she explained no one had ever made her look and feel so beautiful…Within an instant I found love for the industry and knew at that moment, this is exactly where I needed to be. 

This life was a gift given to me…as was my husband who I met at the age of 18 and our son who blessed my world at the age of 20. Their simple existence motivated me to follow through with my career and open the doors to The Mod Labb in 2013.

Since beauty school my life has been a journey. There has been no easy road traveled but it has been a memorable one. I watched my team grow from 1 employee to 9, From a small 350sq ft studio to a ground floor 1000sq. ft salon in the timeline of one year. I have been extremely blessed in my life and I feel its only fair I give those blessings back through my work. So I will continue to not only be the best hairstylist I can be for my clients, wife and mother to my family and mentor to my employees. Without these people I would be nothing more than a girl with a dream.  

What are some of your favorite 2015 hair color trends?

Pastels have to be my absolute favorite hair color trend at the moment. I feel hair color has brought a sense of self expression through pastels. 

Taking your average everyday woman to a rebooted edgy version of herself. 

What are some of your favorite products to use?

Sebastian has an amazing line of hair care products, my favorite and "go-to" for not only my clients, but for myself is Trilliant heat protectant and shine complex. Gives the hair amazing shine and bounce while providing protection from heat, and did I mention the smell? To die for!!!

What inspires you as a beauty professional? 

Women Empowerment…because there is nothing more powerful than a woman with confidence. 

Describe your brand in 3 words or less.

"Create without limits"

Whats on the horizon for your brand in 2015?

Creating an education program for stylists like myself, and giving others an opportunity to learn and grow as I did…we all started from somewhere and I had the honor of learning from some amazing hairstylists. 

Favorite quote or bit of inspiration for our DFW beauties?

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly" -Lauren Bacall