DFW Beauty Event: Blogger 2 Boss Recap

Blogging <blah’ ging> is a visual language spoken through skillfully, timed, and curated content. Candidly speaking, many are oblivious to the effort that it takes to manage a blog trumping it up to be nothing more than a combination of witty words, fancy frocks, and personal perspectives. Whether well composed, much like a masterpiece or documented as a series of personal journals, blogging has the potential to reach the masses beyond a living room or popular coffee shop. Witnessed firsthand, those masses were linked at the First Annual Blogger 2 Boss Conference held the first weekend of May. The noteworthy event was produced and hosted by the brilliant trifecta behind DFW Style Daily and housed at the modish and artsy NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas.

The double day extravaganza began with a happy hour kick-off party jumping off the eve of the parley. Graciously open to the public, attendees were gifted with access to the hotel’s library and poolside deck for mingling and mixed drinks. Refreshing, would describe the ambiance as each guest opted to either converse over their choice of cocktail or nail color compliments of Bellacures, and or, enjoy the finely crafted delectables while dancing to feel good sounds mixed by the live Deejay. Once the groove set in, the crowd was eventually drawn in by the “Wobble” dance craze so it’s safe to assume that there may be a video circulating. Because yes, it was EPIC! As the shindig drew to a close, the night was fulfilled with snapped selfies by the huge and shiny BLOGGER 2 BOSS balloon backdrop and champagne toasts to new friendships.

Overly excited or possibly hungover, day two arrived and the schedule mirrored “the early bird catches the worm” metaphor, as registration began at 9 am sharp! Amber LaFrance, Publisher of DFW Style Daily and her tireless team of interns greeted everyone with a warm welcome and a sneak peek of the swag bags up for grabs. Neatly labeled folders with an itemized itinerary of each selected break out session were prepared for every registered guest. The red-haired beauty and her team of gladiators spearheaded the process campaign trail style; it was like watching an episode of Scandal, as she had it handled!  

At ten o’ clock sharp every seat was filled with anxious individuals eagerly anticipating the session leader’s words of wisdom. Lisa Petty, Founder of DFW Style Daily commanded the room with her humor, honesty, and humility. Strategically written on a white board, Lisa, in an analytical format disseminated key blogging essentials to aid in building a brand and increasing monetization. Lisa also shared a few praiseworthy quotes throughout the session but there was one in particular that sparked an outburst of applause just short of a standing ovation and a Holy Ghost dance. Her take on punctuality was spot on, verbatim:

“Being fashionably late is unacceptable when fashion is your business”.

She was inevitably crowned the lady of the hour.

After the session wrapped, the VIP bunch gathered for brunch. The posh, buffet-styled table was decorated with smoked salmon, fresh fruit, quiche, and mimosas (the fuller the merrier, right?). Following a mass exchange of social media handles, all eyes shifted toward the front of the room where the fabulous panelists were planted. Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia, Vashti Patrick-Joseph of VeePeeJay, Alex Young of EatStyleDallas, and Heather Buen of Dallas Single Mom offered a wealth of insightful information squeezed into a brief tell-all-story about their blogging journey. The open discussion eventually transitioned into valid questions and blatant answers; in this line of business positive and negative feedback is one in the same. Each panelists ended the conversation with one word affirmations on how to produce and maintain a successful blog; authenticity, share-ability, honesty, and impartialness.

The bell rang and class was now in session! Leah Frazier, Editor of DFW Style Daily led breakout session 1B which focused on photography and copyright infringement, beauty and brains is a rare combination!

Randomly selected guests were put on the spot to demonstrate proper lighting and most importantly the perfect pose, arguably the highlight of the session. Professional photographers, Megan Weaver and Thomas Garza, provided awesome tips and tricks on how to create amazing images to match a blog post because let’s face it; we are living in a visual world.

Once composure was regained, Leah and Tyra Hughley-Smith, Attorneys at Law, educated the class on the importance of knowing and understanding how copyright infringement factors into the ownership of images. Let’s just say by the end of the class everyone was on a mission to find a starter camera and ways to avoid infringement fines and a phone call from Frazier and Hughley-Smith.

In closing, the Blogger 2 Boss conference is undeniably deserving of an A rating for the overall experience. Three words to sum it up; innovative, informative, and invigorating.

Definitely looking forward to the second round!

Kristin McIntyre STYLE EDITOR

Kristin McIntyre