DFW Beauty Guide: Melanoma Screenings

Melanoma Screening Dallas - DFW - Ft. Worth

One person dies every 57 minutes from melanoma. During the month of May, DermOne, a leading dermatology practice with five offices throughout the Metroplex, is offering free skin checks and the exclusive opportunity to view skin in-depth with a UV blue light as part of its Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month recognition. DFW residents will be able to see what lies beneath the surface of their skin and begin to take action immediately to prevent premature aging, sun spotting and skin cancer. 

"Getting a skin check should be on everyone's list of annual check-ups," said Dr. Carolyn Kim, a board-certified dermatologist with DermOne Dermatology Centers. "There are more new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year than breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer combined. The truth is that the earlier we catch something, the more life-saving options we have for treatment. Skin cancer that is caught early is 98 percent treatable. If you wait, though, it can kill you." 

It’s a selfie unlike any other. Under the Skinceuticals Skinscope, patients' skin is viewed with a non-damaging UV blue light, which allows a look into internal layers of the skin to see accumulated photo damage (read: sun damage).  When the sun hits skin, the body responds by releasing melanin in the area, which causes a brown spot effect.  Some of these spots have the potential to turn into cancerous cells, while others will simply cause an aged appearance.  This little peek into the future highlights the need for sunblock and good skincare on an ongoing basis -- including an annual skin check by a dermatologist.

This technology is available at select DermOne offices in May.

 To receive a complimentary skin check and Skinscope reading, call DermOne at (817) 261-1626 with the passcode “Love My Skin” to make an appointment. 

This will be available to patients in these offices on these days by appointment only:

·       DermOne in Grand Prairie (4927 Lake Ridge Parkway, Suite 170): May 6

·       DermOne in Mesquite (2856 North Galloway Ave.): May 13

·       DermOne in Irving (2021 North MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300): May 17

·       DermOne in Waxahachie (1505 West Jefferson St., Suite 170): May 21

·       DermOne in Arlington (715 North Fielder Road): May 27

Patients who receive a complimentary skin check will be given a #LoveMySkin sticker to show their dedication to keeping their skin healthy.