DFW Beauty Mentor: George Crittenden

DFW Beauty Guide - George Crittenden

Name & Age: 

George Crittenden, 55

Professional Title:

Stylist & Educator at Daireds Salon

Tell us a little about your professional background. How did you get into this field? Is this your passion?

I fell into this career by accident. After two years of University and really not enjoying the entire process, I enrolled in cosmetology school at the suggestion of a friend. (I was a theater major, so hair and makeup were a part of my interests.)

This May, I will have been in hairdressing for 35 years...

I will use that as my testimony of passion!

I began my hairdressing career right here at Daireds, although in a much smaller space at a different location in North Arlington. I was a vagabond my first year out of  "cosmoschool" and had no clue. I probably worked in 10 salons in 12 months! Daired Ogle was the first salon owner that saw my potential; he gave me a chair and enough rope to hang myself, and I often did. Then he'd cut the rope, I'd get up and start all over. 

Daireds Salon

In 1984, on a whim and after a second round of education with a company named Jingle's International, I was accepted into their internship program. This opened up my world for the next 30 years. I lived, studied and worked in London, San Francisco and New York City, traveled the US and Europe, and met many amazing and inspiring hairdressers. I settled in New York after about 5 years of a full-time educational schedule and returned to the salon world!  

My time in New York was amazing. I was blessed with the opportunity to work in film, television, and theater as well as on editorial shoots and runway shows. 

Each new opportunity was a fast and furious learning experience, which proved over and over to me that we really never stop growing and learning.

Fast forward to 2011: I returned to Texas to keep an eye on my parents and enjoy time together. It made perfect sense to reconnect with Daireds. Our journeys are different, but parallel; and, in the end, we've all grown.

What are some beauty essentials for clients, and for yourself?

Right now, I use, and recommend Oribe's Gold Lust line, Oribe's Crème for Style and Oribe's Maximista Thickening Spray. I also really love Oribe's Rough Luxury Soft for finishing any length hair. Other favorites include, Kérastase's Chronologiste at-home regimen with the Gommage exfoliating shampoo and Kérastase's Initialiste serum.

IMAGE CREDIT - Oribe's Gold Lust line

IMAGE CREDIT - Oribe's Gold Lust line

Expert tips, tricks and recommendations?

  1. Give up daily shampooing and use great quality products—sparingly.
  2. Start your blow-dry after you have prepped your hair thoroughly. (I use Oribe's Crème for Style or Oribe's Royal Blowout)
  3. You need a great comb—or three—and good brushes.
  4. For everything else, you have your stylist!

What are some must-try services, and must-have products from Daireds?

Any of our spa services! Also, the Kérastase in-salon conditioning treatments, which I recommend getting at least every two visits.

What is it about the DFW that makes for a great place to work at a beauty, spa and/or wellness related brand?

You could not ask for a better or more diverse market! One thing people will do in DFW is drive. Plus, our salon and spa really does have something for everyone.   

Any tips for those interested in starting a career in beauty?

Research the educational facility you're going to attend. Find yourself a great mentor. 

Be prepared to find out the beauty business is not always "pretty".