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Standing in front of the mirror in your lil' black dress, putting on your best selfie face or Kylie Jenner pout while attempting to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe is not delusional, it’s exhausting! 

According to the classic woman, “beauty is timeless and shouldn't require a late dinner reservation”. Having quoted that, our goal is to present a DIY tutorial on how to effortlessly create an iconic look with just a few makeup tricks and inexpensive staples that will truly have you ready in FIVE.

Luckily for you modern day beauties, digging up vintage roots is an inherited forte which is fortunate for the purpose of this ode.

Follow DFW Beauty Guide as we prepare you for icon status. 

Captured by photographer TJ Rogers, our muse Bailey Culbreth evokes true beauty which was significant during the classic circa of the 1950’s. Danny Howard, a DFW makeup and hair expert, created this modernized iconic look simply for the sake of art and the love of beauty.

The concept mirrored the popular and often imitated pin up style respectfully due to the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Veronica Lake, and Ava Gardner.

*(left) - Sophia Loren, (right) - Veronica Lake

To accomplish the look, Bailey’s face was polished with light coverage and a pop of blush to highlight her cheekbones. For a sultry appeal, the eyes were smoked out on the top lid and smudged underneath the lower lid; a bright pink lip (recommend MAC Flat Out Fabulous, Candy Yum Yum or Snob) was added for a retro twist, and that’s the icing on the cake! 

The cherry on top is that inexpensive stable mentioned previously, a twelve dollar scarf found perusing through H&M complimented this entire look. For this particular mood, a silk scarf with bright and rich colors was chosen to tie in both a classic and modern day appeal. Trust this is super, duper easy to pull off; instructions are as follows:

  • fold the scarf in half forming a triangle, take the long part of the scarf (upside down triangle) place it mid crown of your head, and tie the remaining fabric into a knot underneath your chin.

Voilà, you’re now gone with the wind fabulous! If you want to add a little something extra special to the look, wand curl or beach wave your bangs and or front of your hair (preferably messy) and pull out a few large pieces from underneath the scarf.

We like to be funky so add a pair of over-sized frames if you prefer a mod look. You can shop internationally for these items at H&M, Forever 21, and Aldo or locally at Apricot Lane, located inside Galleria Mall.

Hoping to see more of this trend on our timeline!

Kristin McIntyre STYLE EDITOR

Kristin McIntyre