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Desiree may be relatively new to the Blushington team, as their Trainer and Assistant Manager, but she’s been in the beauty business for a while! Officially, she began her beautification journey 8 years ago in a New York spa.  From there, she went on to freelance for brides, serve customers via over-the-counter regimens, as well as beautify through various salons. We all know that people’s passions often start at a younger age, and Desiree is no different. As she was growing up in New Jersey, she started applying makeup by using her little sisters as models and the rest is history! She has been with Blushington for a year and a half and it is her favorite place that she has been! She loves it because of the brand’s push for true customer service and for allowing her to exhibit her natural born leader talents.

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What are some of your favorite spring beauty trends? 

My favorite spring beauty trend is the minimalistic look. To achieve this, focus on strong brows, lashes, and lips. An easy way to take part in this trend is by tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes. Usually someone will come in and get their brows and lashes 1-2 shades darker. This helps your features stay prominent without makeup! It will last 3 weeks. Fave products to use on clients: If you end up in my chair, there’s a good chance that I will use the Temptu airbrush system on you. It is as light as air and doesn’t sweat off- what more could a Texas girl want?!

What inspires you as a beauty professional?

I seek inspiration everywhere, but mainly look to fashion and social media to sway my style. Currently I am loving the boho-meets-city look and true beauty makeup that JLo and Kim Kardashian exhibit. 

Describe your Blushington atmosphere in 3 words?

Professional, affordable, inviting


What's on the horizon for your team this year?

There are many exciting things coming to Blushington. If you’re in NY or Cali, your state is about to get one Blushington store luckier! If you’re into the big brow trend, you’re going to love Blushington’s new eyebrow extensions! They apply hairs to even out your brows and fill in spaces. Once you get your extensions, they will last you 10-28 days. No more eyebrow pencil for you!

You’ve worked in very different places. What is the main difference between northern and southern makeup trends? 

New York doesn’t focus on makeup at all; instead, they are more about sophistication and simplicity. Here in the South, glam is key! From their makeup to their nails, everything is done BIG!

What's your favorite thing about Blushington?

Working in salons and over the counter beauty sales, a lot of the time it isn’t about the service…it’s about selling. At Blushington, it isn’t about shoving products down your throat- we want you to get exactly what you want and leave a happy, pretty person!

Blushington Mantra: Feeling pretty is priceless”.

What's your favorite product and/or brand? 

I love concealer! It is great to be able to dab a little bit on and be ready to go. My favorite brand for the longest time was Hourglass. I still love it, but Jouer makes some amazingly comparable products!

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