DFW Beauty Bombshell: Stephanie Campos



Name & Age:

Stephanie Campos @MsDallasMaven, 27 years old

Professional Title:

Co-Founder & Publicist at Social Revolt Marketing Blogger for iLiveInDallas.com 

A little background:

Born and raised in Dallas I am fascinated by the growth of this city. Social media is transforming not only the way others see us Dallasites, but how we see ourselves. As @MsDallasMaven on Instagram, I have built a brand for myself as a foodie, PR guru, and entrepreneur. To go from someone who watched the scene, to someone who reports live to thousands of followers, from the best restaurants and events around town, is a privilege I don’t take lightly. 

Beauty regimens and tips?

Dallas Concealer

As any entrepreneur will tell you, expendable income and time is hard to come by. So as long as I’m taking my makeup off at night and staying moisturized I’m pretty proud of myself. That said, I did recently restock the make-up bag at my one-stop shop: MAC! My obsession with MAC started young and now no matter how many times I see other products I always go back. I’m obsessed with their pro-longwear concealer.

My biggest tip, besides moisturizing is primer. I like any brand of tinted primer, it adds a light glow and keeps that makeup on all day. 


What are your fav local DFW beauty brands or beauty related services?

I think manicures are everything. I’m a creature of convenience and while I’ll hop around I always seem to make my way back to Hawaiian Nail Bar

Nothing fancy for me, just a well-done nail every time. If I’m looking to add some fanciness to my life I’ll head to Pink Toes Nail Bar in Downtown Dallas. The owner is the sweetest and they always take care of you, and the Louboutin and other high-end choices don’t hurt either. 

IMAGE CREDIT: Pink Toes Nail Bar

IMAGE CREDIT: Pink Toes Nail Bar

Must-have spring fashion accessories?

A pale pink and/or purple lipstick is a must. Pastels are my go-to year round, but in spring they really compliment any outfit. Pair it with a cute open-toed sling back and fahgetaboutit, just watch those compliments come rolling in. 

Favorite DFW patio or bar?

This is the hardest question for me! I feel like I’m going to leave out SO may great ones, so I’ll cheat just a little and give you three. The first time I fell in love with the idea of a huge patio and people watching was at Katy Trail Ice House. This isn’t a shocker as most any day that place stays packed, but it’s packed for a reason – the beers are cold, people are nice and they always play the biggest sporting games. The next is Common Table, mainly because I love their food but also because it is unsuspecting and I can usually get a seat right away. Last, but not least, would be H&G Supply Co., the rooftop patio bar is EVERYTHING!



If you could have dinner with any local DFW woman, who would it be?

Dallas has no shortage of incredible women, but Ruth Altshuler is such an inspiration to me! The philanthropic work she has done for Dallas is something I inspire to emulate and achieve. 

Any last words, pieces of wisdom, etc?

Beauty really does come from the inside out. Recently I posted one of my most ‘liked’ photos and I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on, granted it wasn’t a close up but it really reiterated for me the fact that people find you beautiful when you feel confident.

Whatever confidence means to you, find it, own it, rock it and the world will follow suit!