DFW Beauty Guide: The Leto Chop



It’s no surprise to Vaughn Acord, Men’s Celebrity Stylist and Founder of V76 by Vaughn, that Jared Leto chopped off his infamous long hair. “I’m more surprised it lasted as long as it did,” Vaughn shared. “There isn’t a lot that Jared hasn’t done with his hair. He adapts well to the roles he plays, but it will be interesting to see how he rocks the new look on stage with 30 Seconds to Mars.”

“The cut has been an on-going trend. Men are wearing their hair short, but without severely shaved sides. They’re also getting more experimental with product application,” says Vaughn.

The most important thing to consider when drastically cutting your hair? “You need to go to someone you trust. Make sure they can carve out the look with their hands before chopping it off with scissors. It can go very wrong if the hair iscut too short,” Vaughn explained.

When asked about Jared’s other well-known featured—his facial hair—Vaughn noted that he doesn’t need to be clean-shaven, but a beard would be overwhelming. “He can go a week or so, and I recommend using my Hydrator or Pre & Post Shave Oil.”

To complement the look, Vaughn suggests that Jared keeps his facial hair trimmed; as a beard can make him look aged and being clean-shaved may make him appear too youthful.

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