DFW Beauty Guide: Ruby Room Studio

Get Fit at the Ruby Room Studio

The Ruby Room offers burlesque classes in Dallas from some of the top performers in the industry. Train like a showgirl with Missy Lisa and Ginger Valentine, and learn how to bump and grind like a true burlesque queen.

With years of dance training and experience, our instructors offer a uniquely specialized program that is fun and challenging for all levels. Ruby Room offers a variety of burlesque, dance and fitness classes all designed to help you meet your fitness goals while unleashing your inner showgirl. Ruby Room Studio - serving Dallas since 2010.

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Below are some of the classes offered at Ruby Room. Schedule a class today!


HIP HOP | All Levels

This intro to basic hip hop & breaking technique is a great way to stay in shape! Great music and a fun & friendly atmosphere will inspire & motivate you toward success. Improve core strength, thighs hips & glutes as you learn new moves each week.
Instructor: Shelbelle Shamrock



Sculpt your legs, hips and butt in this new barre/dance combo class by Ginger Valentine. Vigorous conditioning, stretching and dance combine to create an effective workout that’s both fun & challenging! Wear fitted workout wear and bring heels. Appropriate for all skill levels.
Instructor: Ginger Valentine



Get in shape and sculpt your body into a lean dancers’ physique that will have you wanting to show off a lot more skin! In this high-energy workout class, you will tone your entire body using a variety of dance and fitness techniques. Combining burlesque inspired dance moves, low impact fitness, conditioning and stretch, this class transforms your body over time! in just six weeks, feel stronger and leaner. Fitted workout attire and clean sneakers are suggested.
Instructor: Missy Lisa



Hoof it like a chorus girl! Learn the basics of tap while burning calories and improving focus & coordination. You’ll be time-steppin’ in no time! Bring tap shoes or sturdy heels with an ankle strap.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Perfect your bump & refine your grind with Ginger Valentine. This class introduces and explores classic burlesque movement with an emphasis on technique and movement. Burn calories, boost confidence and have fun. Wear fitted workout/dance wear and bring heels with an ankle strap.
Instructor: Ginger Valentine



Improve strength and flexibility in this conditioning class. Sculpt shapely legs, lean hips and butt and toned abs. This dancer’s workout is designed to get you fit!
Instructor: Missy Lisa