DFW Beauty Event: RAW Dallas

Raw Dallas, was such an exciting event, the aspect of Raw that I enjoyed the most was the wide variety of people that came to the event. It was such a great organic mixture of people that came together to appreciate many different art forms. There was everything including live art, fashion shows, musical talent, henna, a hair show and more! 

For me the highlights were the beauty and the fashion shows. Before the models even graced the stage, I was already excited by the ensembles of the people who attended the event. Right before the show, I had a chance to sneak backstage and get a quick preview of what would be walking the runway soon. I almost didn't want to leave because being backstage is home for me, but seeing all the amazing looks and models made me even more excited to watch the show. 

 Earlier that day I had the pleasure of interviewing the finale designer for Raw, Kenneth Udoh, so I had an idea of what kind of garments would be displayed the runway. I was definitely impressed by the collections! Each one was different from the previous, yet they all complimented the other. I found items in each collection that I wanted to sport myself!  

 The beauty shows were so exciting, and each model represented a certain theme or element of a story. The looks were executed wonderfully, and each look had such intriguing qualities! This portion of the show had everything any great show needs, from special effects lighting, great outfits and mood music. The acts following were great as well, which ranged from performances by step dancers to pop singers. The host, Miguel of Dallas, and co-host, Brandy Michelle Adams were lots of fun and they set the free and energetic tone for the night. 

 I would definitely go to a Raw event again, and I'd recommend it to everyone else as well. It's definitely something everyone should experience. The place was filled with inspiring, amazing admirers of art. I'm so glad I was in attendance.