DFW Beauty Guide: Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare

We recently asked one of our favorite Dallas/Ft.Worth Estheticians, Stacey Garrett of Sweet Lemon Spa for some winter skincare advice, and she was kind enough to share the story below.

The following story is not about any given person, it is a combination of frequent skincare issues Stacey encounters at her spa.

As Kelly sat in my chair for her facial, she was very aggravated by the new breakouts along her chin and jawline. “My skin feels so dry and just looks dull,  even my lips are parched” complained the 45 year old.

I ask all the usual questions regarding breakouts in that area, “Any changes in your birth control or are you taking any new medications or are you consuming dairy at all? She answers no to both questions. “Well Kelly, it looks like you may just have a buildup of dead skin layers, lets do an enzyme mask followed by a moisturizing mask. ”

That sounds good, but why would do you think I am breaking out?

It could be stress playing on your hormones, could be just this temporary buildup of skin cells because of the cooler temperatures is giving the p. Acne bacteria that each of us has in our pores more to eat and therefore it multiplies and causes breakouts.” I say as I begin her facial with a water oil press and begin massaging her face. Then as I begin to apply the cranberry enzyme mask, she starts telling me about the crow’s feet that have begun to appear. “Ok, we need to get you starting to use the brightening peel pads in your winter skincare regime, starting with one time per week, then after a month, use twice a week, then the next month 3 times a week.”

“Oh yeah, you mentioned that last time, but I was about to go on vacation.”

“Now is the perfect time to get started, but its a bit drying so we need to add Vita C Serum or Peptiderm Serum to boost the effects and give a bit more hydration. And make sure you are spraying 4-5 pumps of the Moisture Mist within 30 seconds after you cleanse.”

As I analyze her skin under the magnifying lamp, I can’t help but notice the new brown spots and the crow’s feet that have rooted themselves on her face. I ask about sun block usage and she gives me the bad news that she didn’t think she needed it once the weather cooled down.

“Kelly, we always need sun protection, especially in the winter months. The UVA rays are constant in and out doors. The bad news is you now have some brown spots, the good news is the Brightening Peel Pads will help reverse that also, but only if you wear sun block every single day. Please promise me you will!”

Kelly sighs, “Ok, I promise.”

As we finish our treatment, Kelly is relaxed and cannot believe how good her skin looks and feels, even her lips feel better with the Cowgirl Dreamsicle flavored lip balm. I write down her home care (see below) and she makes another appointment for one month out instead of her usual random appointment.

Kelly’s Winter Skincare Regime


Milk & Honey Cleanser (moisturizing and brightening cleanser)

Moisture Mist (hyaluronic acid mist)

Peptiderm Serum (40% peptides to further nourish, moisturize, prevent lines from forming and stimulate collagen and elastin production)

Peptiderm Eye Treatment (50% peptides to further nourish, moisturize, prevent lines from forming and stimulate collagen and elastin production, also use around lip area)

Peptiderm Moisturizer (40% peptides to further nourish, moisturize, prevent lines from forming and stimulate collagen and elastin production)

Solar Block (most important anti-aging product, prevents sun damage and collagen and elastin breakdown, as well as keeps skin from forming brown spots)


Lemon Cream Scrub Cleanser ( a silica scrub, good for face and lips)

Hydrating Toner (gives skin extra moisture and prepares it to receive more nutrients)

Vita C Serum (provides moisture, brightens and stimulates collagen and elastin production)

Peptiderm Eye Treatment

Peptiderm Moisturizer


1 x a week Brightening Peel Pad (brightens and deeply exfoliates skin)

3× a week

Cranberry Enzyme Mask (enzymes slough off dead skin and lactic acid to give extra hydration, can be used after brightening peel pad)

Winter Skincare Regime for Body:

Cowgirl Dreamsicle Lip Balm (provides moisture and sun block to keep a perfect pucker)

Orange Pomengranate Body Wash (exfoliates and nourishes the skin)

Milk & Honey Body Butter (rich body butter that provides brightening, and deep moisture)