DFW Beauty Trends: Rainbow Roots

When it comes to rainbow hair, the emphasis is either on the entire hair or on the ends. Hello ombre and dip dye. However, the latest hair color look brings the focus to the roots. Lottie Tomlinson is the sister to of One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson and assistant to celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Lou Teasdale, and she has captured the hearts of rainbow hair fans everywhere with her new multicolored roots dye job.

Lottie has her own YouTube beauty tutorial channel and has quickly gained a massive fan following. She recently teamed up with the famous Bleach London Hair Salon for a new look. Bleach is the place to go if you want a cool rainbow hair color look, whether you want half-and-half hair or a unique crazy-colored dye job. Instead of going for one of the popular hair color options, Lottie decided to just emphasize her roots.

Unless you are rocking intentional visible roots, you are probably familiar with the (somewhat annoying) process of getting your roots touched up at the salon. The rainbow roots hair color, engineered by hair stylist Lottie Tomlinson, involves a similar technique but instead of trying to match your roots to your base color, multiple colors of hair dye are painted down your part. The resulting look is a soft blend of My Little Pony colors. It looks like your hair is being magically lit by some gorgeous prismatic light.

As with a lot of hair color trends, Lottie has a base of bleached hair and added pastel rainbow dye on top. However, the look could easily be adapted for girls with darker hair or for those who want to try it with brighter shades or even neons. If you still like ombre but want a fresh spin on it, you could try the gradient color on your roots as opposed to your ends.